May trips

I announced in the last post just before our departure, it is by plane we Guiyang rallied from Shanghai. But one – it was not like it that I considered to arrive in Guiyang, and 2 – just buy these tickets, this is a fantastic adventure in its own right, as I begin to get used to when it comes to travel during the New Year holiday …

And yes, we were not yet parties that already, 春运 Chunyun (= period before and after the Chinese New Year) would play tricks on us …

Objective: 34h train

In order to save money and try it at least once, Sandrine and I wanted to make the trip from Shanghai to Guiyang by train. As you follow diligently, you say, “bah, last year, you’ve already tested the long-term process, with berths and all the fuss!” Except that this time there, the journey lasted 12 hours ONLY, What a joke. Shanghai-Guiyang is 34 hours by train! Not that the distance is much greater, especially as this is Shanghai-Guiyang is joined by a K112, K as Kuai which means not really fast either, while Shanghai and Beijing, it is Z8, Z as “too damn fast Zuper” or “Zui kuai” maybe “fastest”.

So it is full of motivation that I went a week in advance small window of train tickets Minhang I now know well the employees. Since galèèèèèères (1), (2) and (3) last year, I have come a long way! So now before you go, I know where to look on the internet to find train schedules and ticket prices for classes, and even the detailed route 2060 km of line if I want.

Newsflash practice: a look at (in Chinese only) to find all the info. Against by the Chinese railway is not the station. Impossible to book online (where then tell me how!), So it is necessary to take his little legs to go buy a ticket …

And queue again … for … 2:30 … finally arriving, completely refrigerated in the lair of the wicket, and presented very proud of his little information about paper tickets you want, and everything … and be heard to say: ” oh no, sorry, but here I have one more. ”

Crestfallen … … … crestfallen crestfallen …
How they do it one more, but you can not buy the tickets 9 days in advance at this time of year (still one of the wonders of the Chunyun …), was in J-8 therefore there must not abuse?! Could it be that all Chinese are traveling in soft bed, 65 euros tickets anyway?
“Iron Sunday in 5 days, I might have.” It’s weird I like déjà vu …:

Guizhou travel

ay is, I begin this article with the story of my recent trip to China. Did I say “my” trip? “Our” trip of course! Because of course this trip I did not, but only with my cousin / friend mops China, Sandrine course;)

We must also believe that we have established a sort of little tradition every year for the Chinese New Year holidays, Sandrine’s cousin France Air France uses its miles patiently accumulated in the year to come visit her Céline cousin resident in China, and every 2, they leave en route to an unknown land in China.

And in general it is not sad! More than a journey, it is often an opportunity to real adventures! If we had started nicely last year by ten days in the capital this year we really are parties to the adventure in a land far megacities such as Beijing or Shanghai (in red): Guizhou (green ) and Guangxi (in yellow).

Shanghai-Guizhou is about 1800 km. But to be honest, at the beginning we planned to go further, in Yunnan (area west of Guizhou and Guangxi and). But on the advice of friends, we changed our idea at this time of the year, northern Yunnan and Sichuan, deemed most interesting are inaccessible because of the altitude.
So what is the Guizhou and Guangxi we headed to refuel scenery and meet many people say minorities in the region.

Put the cap is roughly what have limited our travel arrangements.

Having received advice from Marieke who went there last year, we did the day before our departure that 2 or 3 points on our journey. No hotel booked course, all will be decided on the spot or on the road … it is the true backpackers or you do not;]

Finally … so we have a guide that does not date too hands …
Our traveling companions were my friend that the Lonely Planet China 2005, and the Blue Guide China South East (dating a little more) Sandrine, although sometimes a bit overwhelmed, we still gave good road tracks to follow.
Thank you to them!

Especially this destination there was nothing like Beijing. Instead of making us once and for all in a city and visit what was around, this time it was indeed a touring trip. We expected not to stay more than 2 nights in the same hotel, and we had to go to Guiyang, our first step, the capital of Guizhou, Guangxi Yangshuo.

But as you will read later,), is would have been too easy!
To change as well, we are not parties after the festivities of the Chinese New Year (January 29 this year) as we wisely did last year, but in the preceding fortnight, full Chunyun?? !
That’ll teach me to be too impatient to go on vacation … This little detail of dates had some influence on our program but also our meetings, and finally, it is also the charm that made our trip giving everything … spicy!

So, finally you put water in the mouth. I could not resist the urge to grind my Photoshop to make you a little map of our journey.

Chinese quotes

Then there is the expatriation like mine, where the reason for leaving was never money, but the desire to live in a different context, and they live almost at the Chinese, even if their difference so marked, is pointed, and allow a better adaptation, but not integration. They know no strangers, even if the daily difficulties are numerous, if not financially enrich themselves, they learn every day about their new environment, and consequently on themselves . In shortcut for them, expatriation is a reboot, not to say a deflowering.

The third category of expatriates, it is the teachers. The Chinese are very demanding in English teachers, or even French or other foreign languages. They make decent salaries for the local environment, which, even without Pharaonic (not to say ridiculous compared to a western standard of living), can live more than comfortably in China. They live in a university environment, which is a cosmopolitan blend of local and foreign.

And then, there is a fourth category, which tends to grow enormously. These unemployed youth. There are plenty of little guys very courageous, who are tired of galérer France to find a job that did not specifically diploma, and with a small amount of pocket, go to China hoping to enter a opportunity. Again, most remain among young Westerners, often French, because beyond the fact that they do not speak Chinese, it is quite common that they do not speak English either.

In general, the first and second category of expatriates does support only moderately, and not by chance that attend. The twelve stars expatriates believe that expatriates “fit” (like me) will play the stupid adventurers and bohemians. Expatriates adapted, meanwhile, believe that expatriates twelve stars have no major behavior settlers who think only of their money, who have no idea what China.

A day in shanghai park 2

It’s a bit why I recommend the Sunday to come and have a look. For Sunday, many Chinese families and expatriates who gather around the activities hosted in the park.
Fishermen budding players go, card, balloon, and everything we can play outdoors can be found here for a pleasant afternoon in the sun if possible.

Suddenly he radiates an atmosphere very good child. This is both very peaceful and alive, so precious in this metropolis. A bit like one of those soap bubbles blown by the little girl with pink duvet flying in the air slightly Shanghai which seems less polluted here …
With a little luck, it falls even moments of life with Chinese fun, interesting but still very authentic. As these courses taichi so common that change, time to change the tape in the mail, being furious rock
Where as this dance Xinjiang interpreted gestures and strength accompanied by musicians from all conditions.
Fuxing Park is one of the first pleasant places in Shanghai that I discovered there is a little more than a year, and I still enjoy going back to at any time of the year. Incredibly, on November 27 in Shanghai, I found myself sipping a glass of sun Fuxing Park, and under the eye, envious this time M & E