Good name again

1 / The names pragmatic

In the previous company where Joe worked a manager had decided to call in English “Table” … Because it is all based on him. One of his colleagues, very ambitious, wanted to be called “Reach” or “be achieved”.

I am in relationship with a commercial is named “Memo”, to show that in its daily administrative tasks, it omits nothing. There are also more mercantile, as this terrible businessman, who wished to be called “Money”. His family name is “qian” (“money” in Chinese), read “Qian Money” on a card when you empty-handed as the language of Shakespeare than Confucius causes a smile.

2 ° / poetic names:

I knew a lady who had decided to call “Piano”, and responsible communication that name was “Snow” (“snow”), despite its extreme eastern anatomy and skin matte. In the same way, I had a correspondent who has decided to call “Echo”. I also met a “Bonar” which, despite the optimism that presages his name, was ruthless in business.

I do not know how I met Sunny (“sunny” in English), both men and women. The best is my post Sun Ming Shan. His name is Sun (the Chinese put the surname before the given name), it is therefore naturally call Sunny Sun.

3 / The amazing names:

I also had in my relations people who had selected the names of cities. I had a Vegas Zhou (who was very playful) and a Guan Athena (who was not wearing underwear).

I also experienced a prophet acessoirement shopping in a factory of electric bikes, and who had the good taste to call Abraham Gu.

I had a colleague who was named Kimi, and who kept supporting me adamant that it was an English name. In my opinion, his grandmother had an affair with a Japanese soldier there sixty years …. And he retained a certain atavism.

This is the best provider, who told me that his English name was “Abobo”. Wonder where he went to seek, Cui there.

For most Chinese, the world is divided into two: China and abroad. And all foreigners are Anglicists birth. Once a name is not Chinese, it is inevitably English. A little Cantonese told me that his English name was Gretchen. It was neither white nor blond nor wealthy and did not have blue eyes.

The Chinese, whose panagérique purity is more to do, however, insist sometimes find daunting names. I’ve had two very close emotionally.

The first is Xiao Xu, my little sister. Its Chinese name is Xu Rong Rong is his name. She wanted something that comes close. I had offered Rose. But no, it did not please him. , She wanted to call Rooney! As Mickey Rooney! You’ll see the small bomb exotic it is … Hardly comparable with Mickey Rooney! Let me tell you that I am so vibrate the glottis by hearing me repeat that it is now called Rooney Xu, she finally changed to Cindy, that has nothing to do! The second is called Sun Zi Ling, despite its conservative prudishness, she had chosen English name as Ruth … What a program!

I also enjoyed Nicole. Yes, I’m writing A Nicole. Even if the name is definitely female, the young man had found it very nice.


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