Longgong dong china

After our inglorious day the day before, we had way back to better prepare the days that followed. Reminder: we must absolutely be back to Guiyang January 21 to be able to buy some train tickets back to Shanghai.

From 19 to 21, so that left us 2 full days to go wander a bit. The question was naturally asked was: where? We may keep the Guizhou Southeast for the rest of the journey which promised longer, so we left the West (Northern Guizhou missing a priori interest).

The western Guizhou, they are essentially caves, waterfalls, lakes, etc … well, not super easy site to practice with large bags of hiking. Briefly, after studying the possibilities of circuits, and taking not pay hotel room 150 yuan a night every night, we found ourselves in échaffauder plans to travel light, economical, and efficient, while fulfilling our goal of returning. It is decided Thursday 19 morning, we get up early to drop our bags at the station previously set identified, and we head to Anshun and cave near Longgong before leaving by train to Liupanshui Shuicheng-where we spend the night to leave the next morning for the fresh and Weining Caohaihu lake and take the night bus that would take us back, spruce, 21 to Guiyang in the morning (see map). And guess what! We did it! And as we saw really interesting stuff this time
18 evening, I dutifully copied a few pages on the useful information from my Lonely: 2 kg gained. And as expected, the 19 morning sunrise 7:00, breakfast at the hotel engulfed, we put our bags in the instruction carefully filled with things we would not need during these two days. 24 yuan deposit for 3 days, mission travel light: ok, economic: it is gone.
The day before, a Chinese gave us the price of 25 yuan for buses to Anshun 安顺, but this morning, miracle of Chinese inflation, no way to negotiate less than 30 yuan. We hesitate a little, not really want to get ripped what we must say that we are the only Foreign corner (we do not cross other since our arrival), but our quick survey, through the authentication tickets Vietnamese (Yuelan is not it?), we confirm the price: 30 yuan per capita. It was honest, true bus (not a jigger 4-wheel) led us to destination about 1:15 on the highway.



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