my life, my expericen, i love you china

From there, we thought we could immediately buy train tickets in Liupanshui 六盘水 for the evening, but no time to cross town for it. It is 10:45, a bus leaves the caves Longgong now, the next is the last 14h and restarts caves to 17h, knowing that the journey will take about 1 hour … um, without much hesitation, we buy food one end and jump on the bus!
7 yuan for our mini-bus, which takes us once again along the terraced fields to the site so impressive caves.

Here, the direction of ticket purchase. And we see at our expense tourism development in China. More sites get ratings, and there are ‘A’, plus it’s nice in theory, in practice it is more expensive!

Naturally, the site we had chosen, in part because deemed good value for nice price / had to get his ranking ‘AAAA’. Suddenly, BAM!, 120 yuan ticket full price, 60 yuan for students, phew Finally, except for Sandrine: Gulp a bit anyway: we expected to pay about 35 yuan per capita …
Still happy that we do not go to soyions célèbrissimes waterfall not far away, surely dry this time of year, and possibly entering high salt …

We therefore decided to take advantage of all the attractions available on the site, which seems mostly desert … But already a nice view, these landscapes we finally have time to immortalize our millions of pixels! Longgong Dong 龙宫 洞, Caves of the Dragon Palace, here we come!


Panorama at the entrance of the caves
We rely particularly enjoy the boat ride inside the caves. Upon inquiry, we follow the river in search of some signpost, but nothing comes to tell us which direction to take. We cross a dragon with flower water …


Dragon awash


Cross some bridges … well guarded by the hosts, and catch up two South Korean tourists rewarding us with a “hello”, accompanied by their Chinese guide. They are heading for the boat ride, it’s good, we follow!

The boat ride is worth a little climbing (ah, well, it was good to leave our big bags …) before reaching our proud vessels.


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