A special visit in guizhou

The entrance to the cave past, it is a walk along the water begins. A leisurely movement, rocked the “soft light” spots and neon psychedelic colors, it is not easy to take pictures … At least we avoided the “charming” voice of our guide and his mantra: the Korean speaking little Chinese actually ask the guide to be silent, and it was not displeasing to us So no geology courses …



Photos … just a little weird that we get to take when you have set foot on land between two boats, or when you flash that works well

Meanwhile we fly a little guide that begins to tell stuff about “Gao Bizi” (long noses, sweet word denoting the West, so we two in the boat). Here! Now it makes me chat?!, Well let’s see …

Then, the fault of the season? or the site itself? There was nothing unusual to see (but at least we have seen), at least not for the ticket price requested at the entrance! This is a blow to prevent Chinese sightseeing in their own country, I do not really understand the logic behind mysterious all …

So, at 14h, we are already in the mini-bus to return Anshun. Once in town, we quickly reach the railway station to buy our tickets for Liupanshui, our stage for the night.

Of course, we only get two seats on-reservation = no seat 无 座, and if there is anyway to sit hard. 24 yuan per person. The departure is announced an hour later than we expected, we still envrion 4 hours to kill in a town where there is nothing to see …
Cafe, attempted in vain to recover my transfer from France (I’ll have to see Guiyang), we find (with difficulty) a cafe, not heated, but when we can expect the rest.

Here we seem to spend as much of our time sitting in our bus or eating. Questions that torment me at the time: What time are we going to Liupanshui? Y we find the hotel indicated by the guide? Is that I began seriously to doubt the information contained in this …
Will I succeed to get my transfer to convert yuan to Guiyang? I have a feeling it’s going to be galley … more …

Boarding our train. At the sight of my ticket, I beckoned me direct drive 17, after the end of the train which, as my ticket has no specified car. But the train is about to leave, suddenly we got into a car, and try somehow to win this car, slaloming between Chinese difficult loading and unloading luggage, playing cards or watching parties going to use boiling water for their noodles after their car, etc … not easy, but we finally arrived at the entrance to the car, firmly guarded by an officer of the train, which in the view of our ticket, and especially our western facies I say, let us go, while the other passengers on booking last-stand on the other side of the door.

Clearly, we were privileged because we were in the West. Privileged because we found in a car not met at all, or even some of them were lying and sleeping peacefully when in the car next had to fight for a place. Who were those who shared our car? Students? Military? VIP relatives or any agents of the Chinese station? Mystery …
Some tickets were checked, not ours.

And we thus arrive at the stroke of Liupanshui 22h, not ideal for a hotel bargain.
We do pounce upon our exit from the station by a local who offers us. But first we want to know the prices of hotels that recommended in our guide has also been price prohibitive. Exhausted, we therefore accept to see what we offer our guide at the moment. Neither more nor less than a homestay, we say very rustic, no heating / air conditioning, but blankets for 40 yuan 2 we close our eyes to the state of the bathroom / toilet and the nose of the smell of exhaust hole shower water … and … stool
Remember not our best, but budget trip: we catch up!

And our night will be short. We indicate that we leave at dawn the next day to our next destination: Weining, at the extreme western Guizhou.



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