Guangxi then Matang, landscape of beautiful china

Since Chong’an 重 安, it will take us about 30 minutes to reach Matang 麻塘. But not a half-hour drive cushy to snooze in the back of the mini-bus restaurant, rather a half-hour 4 × 4 mini-bus to jump to each relief road at the end of which we were relieved to see that our driver knew his stuff.

Indeed, he had to know that these small winding roads and rugged were the only ones who could lead us to Matang. We can not say that these are signs that blight the landscape … At one point, we finally turn left. We think we will fall rush into a kind of forest, but not behind the wall of thick trees, in fact hides a dirt road that descends to only serve Matang, our destination.

As we approach, we can indeed see the village emerge. It seems like hidden civilization preserved by trees that hide the “road”. But we discover that civilization has been able to find other ways to infiltrate Matang.

Firstly, some will say that I am one fixette, but hey, even you admit it surprendait as: what is the first thing we saw down the mini-bus? A basketball court!
Frankly, when you say, “then I’ll see a tiny minority village lost in a corner of China,” you think to fall on it arriving?! To believe here basketball is more than a sport, it is a culture:]

Time to do a little more acquainted with our young guide, we let the villagers basketball to go further into the village. We do not have time to ask ourselves what we could watch, a small group of women we fall over. They want us to bring one of them to show us their craft personnel.

Curious to discover the homes inside and know what they wanted to show us precisely, we are guided by the hostess of the house that welcomes us. Meanwhile others were scattered. Surely look their parts products …

Round up … and all the village! Soon we find ourselves beset by dozens of small women, all dressed in their local clothing. Without saying that it is traditional adornments because it was everyday clothing, but certainly different from what we see “in the city.” Each wears a cap, a black coat, adorned with a colorful scarf. They often wear jewelry like earrings.


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