Matang 2

And above all they cared for each take their basket with everything they offer us to buy!

Jewelry metal gray (money?) But especially mats, clothing for babies, traditional adornments. Weaves are always very colorful and worked.

We do not come shopping but we want to bring back souvenirs. As we leave each with a fabric Matang, after tough negotiations, of course! 2 Western is a bargains for women of the village, but I’m redecorating my fashionable interior Matang either:]
We finally extricate ourselves from the trap business to continue our journey.

Of course we can not go unnoticed. So other villagers (indeed we have seen that women and children, men are surely the fields) came to meet us, to offer us other commodities that we are not always able to identify .

Even our guide Chinese fortune did not understand what the woman wanted to sell us, so what good strive:]

We continue our ascent on paved road. And yes, Matang is not flat but a village located on a hill.
From bottom to top, the houses strung out along the ‘street’ made of small stones, which rises up to the parties: almost at the top of the hill, a kind of square surrounded by a gallery where people Village will meet a few days later to celebrate the Chinese New Year.
From there, overlooking the village.
Below left and right fields and rice paddies extend far this wall of trees that hides nearby.


Then we descend. Along the way we see children playing in the streets with toys as there were in France there are perhaps 50 years.

It does not prevent me to find in this environment very simple life in the countryside away from buildings in large cities, these dishes which bristle roofs or enthroned in the courts, which are the channel of ‘modern civilization’ in these villages … contrast.

Back on the basketball court where our driver waiting for us on our return Kaili. Last views on the village last village that is trying to bring her home to show us her fabrics, we’ll take the dirt road in the opposite direction, back to the other civilization …


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