Chinese musicssss

Yesterday evening, I found a really nice place to Suzhou, where hassles are forgotten in the locker room. Sorry for lovers of exotic, whose imagination has already sublimated pagoda millennium, shaolin temple, or a third-world neighborhood to feed their own fabulous dreams … Because it is an Irish pub.

The Shamrock pub in the city center, I was oxygen. The Chinese are terrible for this: their lives conjugally installed, they no longer go outside, staying safe in their slippers pointed towards the TV. Cai Li is the perfect sample, whereas I, I began to bang your head against the wall does not get out. She knows I love the atmosphere of bars, and bearing this, she repeated the last few weeks that I could saturate the fridge of beer, put the CD in the deck that I liked, just to create an atmosphere . But now, it is not at all the same thing. Another year at this rate and autarkic household, and I walked on all fours, become too wild to communicate. I like, in a relaxed, cosmopolitan atmosphere of bars for foreigners in China.

We screwed our elbows on the counter, ordering two Kilkenny pressure. Beer Western pressure are not legion in China, I am particularly reveled. And at the same time, Cai Li discovered the existence of dark beer, without much conviction about the value of its flavor.

Shamrock in there rock, and that also made me love the place, is that we can listen to good music. Because, paradoxically, even though China is a very sound, music holds little emotional. At Shamrock, we listen at your leisure, and without the music blindingly tympas, pop, rock, blues, and Celtic music. Most of these types of music are desperately missing trays. For Cai Li, it was new, and yet the background music has appeared neutral. And it was I who had to explain to her that what she heard was reggae.

1 / The American podium:

Foreign music is this … But in a very limited range. While stores CDs and DVDs are part of the sequence constant small neighborhood shops, even the poorest, and the number of films available in precarious stalls painted with lime, worth ten times the choice a French FNAC, there are only few international music.

There remains a handful of artists indéboulonnables, most of which are unknown or outdated in the West, to the point that no one remembers their existence in throwing a glance in the bins.

American singer retains a portion eternal, that Michael Bolton. In the Chinese mind, it is also known that the United States may be Michael Jackson or Madonna. Upon my arrival, I do not even know. I created a stupor doubtful in their aboriginal admitting they had never heard of. Rather than try to understand that he had met with success in China, the local preferred start me a smile, mocking my lack of western musical culture. Michael Bolton as he is universally known in China.

The Carpenters also continue to make fans, even among the younger generation, despite their proven mediocrity. The third thief melodies we hear everywhere is saxophonist Kenny G, who has not released an album since at least a decade. It is a little known in America, virtually unknown in Europe, but gets all the votes in China. And yet, Kenny G saxophone is what Christian Morin is the clarinet: a clown.

Daily, I hear in supermarkets, cafes, stores or fashion background music borrowed from these artists, with the terrible feeling that in the collective unconscious Chinese foreign music boils down to these antediluvian chants. A Westerner would not that in his nightclub. But here, each repeat-la-la-la Carpenters cutesy, it’s fashion. Even on the listening posts with discs western flower always


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