Nanjing road angain!

En route to a quiet place to continue our discussion, we enter a mall amount floors … Arrived in a karaoke bar the friendliest, we propose a map. We order all three tea (the price a little high of 40 yuan reassures me and makes me once again lowered my guard). We continue our discussion on China, the West our differences, enough to satisfy the curiosity of everyone around … a VERY GOOD green tea (though I’m not a big tea drinker) and slices of watermelon (Xi gua tells me Ling) also very good (I must say that I was hungry). A time very friendly with multiple Ganbei (to your health) exchanged. And then comes a Ganbei a little more specific … I realize that it is not over toast with tea but with whiskey. I have no idea how it got there, deep in conversation with my very shy Qing became very talkative as her friend Ling Ling … who probably ordered the whiskey during that time …

It is at this point that I realized the deception … Aware that it was better not to make too many waves in these cases, under penalty of being boxer by vigils and even more … I immediately stripped excuse I needed to go because I was waiting at the hotel and I paid 1599 RMB a note!! (400 + RMB Whisky).

The moral of all this:

While on my guard, I got caught in beauty. I must say they were extremely clever, showing a total spontaneity in their speech, with a very natural appearance, I do not impose a specific place to ask and taking drinks affordable to start. They were able to perfectly play on the fact that they were two to take care while going the other control Whisky. Brief real pro who clearly appointances bar with several scavengers tourists …
My knowledge of the system I have, however, avoided a massacre, additions of this type are generally several thousand euro and non-RMB. I’m doing so cheaply with about 180 euro, having put the kibosh on the first tour alcoholic.
Jet lag fatigue, hunger probably helped to sow confusion. Avoid!
At this level, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between people who approach you in all sincerity as “language partner” and those calculators and patient enough to trick you at the end of a process of 20/30 minutes. Me who did violence to get into the game of “Comrades Language” to practice a mix of little Chinese that I can speak with English, I think I’m going to show savagery until I went to University
As it is said that falling horse should immediately ascend … I made again to return to violence Nanjing Road and travel along the avenue. Is it because it was night or because I look less subdued than during my first visit? Still, I was much less addressed (5-8 times for watches / massage / … one time only to say hello and exchange two words. return can therefore Nanjing Road no holes in his pockets to be provided on guard, fit and not be fooled by two lovely girls most natural and gifted in the art of deception even those who are warned!

bike in fudan

Last week, when he was pouring, my blue bike still dropped me rotten. This time because of the fender chain that is caught in the pedal … Arrived at Fudan repairman who had sold me, I showed him the damage and he wants me to pay 10 RMB (1.1 euro) to change part. No longer wish to put a penny in this bike, I take him and offers to buy it but he says he does not even want half price ….

So, my decision to change bikes have taken once and for all, and the next day came, I went to the bike dealer located a few hundred meters from the dormitory Lu Wudong

There are three types of bikes that hold my attention:

Bikes cheap but not adjustable, similar to the one I already sold RMB 138 new without basket or padlock.
The small wheel folding bikes but a little heavy 300 RMB.
The bikes lightweight alloy and are ultra foldable between RMB 600 and 800 depending on the model.

I finally opted for the latter to have a bike perfectly in my size (they are mini but height adjustable) and it is light enough that I can go back to my room at night.

To add a bit of security, I bought a lock to Auchan ultra secure lock when I am off campus, thus limiting the risk that employees of local bicycle dealers do not have the key to the lock …

I am VERY happy with my purchase. Finally, it is comfortable biking and I am no longer folded in 4! Although expensive locally (660 RMB), the price remains low (less than 70 euros) for a category of very expensive bike in the West.

As a bonus, I can sell my old bike 50 RMB “as” an American I met at the store during the purchase of a new bike!

Huangpu river

Saturday begins with a survey rather late at 13:00. I rarely sleep much yet but the jet lag to help, especially as the queen size bed is very comfortable!

I go for a ride on the side of Fuzhou Road. Shanghai is quite different from the city I thought discover. From one street to another, or should I say a piece of street to another, we alternate locations for the privileged modern and dilapidated buildings & sales for disadvantaged populations. I expected to see these contrasting situations between different areas but not in the city center.

After an hour of walking from street to street I can Yanan East Road. Failing to find a place that inspires me confidence as a perspective / frame rates (which are rarely displayed outside) as a health point of view, I decided to turn back …
I then decided to go by fatigue in a McDonald’s Nanjing Road. Even in the city center, finally we meet very few Westerners can be 2 to 100 Asian!? This is all the more surprising that references Western (especially American) abound. There are dozens of McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Haagen Daaz … (about 1 every 300m on Nanjing road and others scattered around the surrounding streets).

But I was told that I would avoid at most such places to taste the delights of the local cuisine … But I must admit that my misadventures of the day made me somewhat paranoid and although n ‘ being a fan of Fast Food American, I must admit they have some advantages. This standardization provides food to find quality food and a guaranteed minimum level of cleanliness throughout the world as well as fixed price. This breakfast cost me about 3-4 euros which was good as my portfolio to my stomach and I’d say my morale!

I walk again in a few courses and Nanjing Road shopping centers, noting (as before) that on many items (clothes, electronics, …) life is very expensive, more expensive than see Paris!? I then go visit some stores food and not wanting to be difficult, I must admit that very little, if not nothing, I envy. All these dried foods, the smells of greasy offal and some I have not given me want to go on forever. I will probably have time to get used to this. I have not been extensively canvassed either, just 3 or 4 times (compared with 20-30 times of the day at the same time).

Back at the hotel I take a break and come away an hour wandering around 17:00 again and then make a boat trip on the Huang Pu River. That begins around 18:00 as night fell.

This visit also shows that Shanghai is primarily a port. Furthermore barges and container door that I had the opportunity to see navigate from my hotel room, I found the presence of dozens of giant cranes and thousands of square meters of warehouses along the river.

Nanjing road shanghai

Barely 30 meters traveled, I came across a group of Chinese who accost me by offering me Swatch, Mont Blancs, Gadget bright and waxing. I make them understand that I’m not interested in trying to continue my path but shoeshine which is probably not his first attempt gives me a good portion of tube polish on the shoe, leaving me no alternative but to accept his offer under penalty of lugging me with his polish all afternoon (note: think about taking a package handkerchief be to avoid this kind of disappointment) … In addition to selling almost forced the price : 80 RMB! I take it with a smile telling me that this is part of learning …

Solicitations will not stop there, 1h walk on, I’ll be accosted by 20 to 30 people. Sometimes in groups, sometimes alone (s), their sole purpose is to sell me Swatch, Mont Blanc, Rolex, DVDs, or lead me in a massage parlor … To this is added the proposals to drink a drink in a bar that specific finger and tell me which suggests an addition of more saline. I obviously reject these proposals.

And then there are loads more sympathetic to those Chinese students who smile at you and greet you or even touch to discuss a few minutes. I had heard of these “language partners” who want practice foreign languages ​​in exchange for which one has to perform a mix of Chinese / English and learn more about our lifestyle reciprocal. I have to meet 5 or 6 like this and one of them even gave me his mobile number in aprenant I will probably stay 5-6 months in Shanghai

It did an hour I wandered, and I’m docking again by 2 young students, with a very discreet and very talkative one. It starts the conversation ritual where are you from? Since when are you in Shanghai? etc … and naturally the conversation after 5 minutes of trading, Ling (this is the name of the pretty girl gossip) I suggest that you go sit a few minutes to continue to speak more calmly. Being tired of the noise and jet lag, hungry (I had not eaten anything since yesterday and it was already> 14.00), I told him that it was a good idea. Especially she asked me where I wanted us to go, which made me drop my guard told me that I would necessarily scammer sent in a specific location …

Pudong shanghai

Decidedly, the mornings are difficult, although I will often start my day at lunch time …

Warned that the panoramic restaurant of my hotel will be closed for a month from tomorrow for renovation, I think it was so much to make a turn. This seems deserted and I asked if I might take a table near the window. I said “Yes” (the Chinese can not say no) and was shown at the same time a small sign on the table that does not say “no smoking” but “table need to order at least 150 RMB!” Decidedly, there is no more capitalist than the Chinese 🙂
Have not eaten beef since 4 days, I want to order a Grilled Australian Sirloin Kobe Beaf (a good steak in French) served over fried Yam and spinach, accompanied by a gratin. The whole thing was pretty nice without being exceptional so far. The panoramic view was pleasant while it is true that I am getting “used”. What was nice is that I had also seen the other side of town I knew so well.
Once satisfied, I decided to conquer Pudong that I had previously seen many far but I did not approach (except through the airport).

My journey begins with my journey through traditional Huang Pu Park to join the Bund and take the pedestrian tunnel crossing the East Zhongshan No. 1 Road to reach Nanjing road.

Taking this tunnel the previous times I noticed that turning left, you could join the “Bund Sightseeing Tunnel.” This actually allows tourist tunnel to pass under the Huang Pu River to reach Pudong from the Bund. The crossing is paid (40 RMB – 4-5 euros for a round trip). Circulate in the tunnel of small cabins similar to mountain cabins used by some resorts. But this is not just a means of transport, it is also an attraction in itself consisting of a stream of lights and animated color lasers. It is both stunning and very kitsch to see things so simple produce such an effect. Decidedly the Shanghainese have the art of playing with the lights and mix useful and enjoyable.
Here I am come to Pudong with the French equivalent of the nearest Defense). The gigantic skyscrapers and the number of strikes outset most surprising of all is probably the Pearl Tower with night lights and spheres had my attention from my bedroom window.

The roads are very large relative to the flow of cars relatively modest. Conduct is also less aggressive, you can cross without too much fear. Earthworks running at full capacity while we Sunday.
I walk into a mall (one more) and see the enormity of it: 9 floors with a huge exhibition area more than twice likely to see maybe even three times all buildings Galeries Lafayette Haussmann in Paris .
One wonders how these centers can operate as long as the prices are often high, most people seem to look at as to eat and the size and the number of centers is completely beyond comprehension.

Restore points (including American fast food) to turn them at full speed. But it is the same for Asian restaurants located there. This leads me also to understand why there are so few restaurants that “make you want” in the streets. Most restaurants that treat appearances are actually inside the malls. Restaurants that have direct access from the street are mostly located in dilapidated buildings likely to be demolished one day soon to be replaced by skyscrapers housing a shopping center at the lower levels … It is a way to manage space is very different from that to which we are accustomed in France.
After this visit, I went to the Pearl Tower, the highest point in Shanghai. There are 3 types of visit. If you stop at the first level (located 90m), the amount payable will be quite low. 263m to reach the amount to be spending a little more consistent, and finally to reach 350 meters (the “Space Module”), it will cost 100 RMB. I like many opted for the latter formula but have tested all levels, I have to admit that the formula 2 is sufficient. It’s nice and fun to take some pictures, but ultimately it does not bring much. Moreover it is a little difficult because after the tail to get it you have to queue to go down and Asians are not particularly good at queuing …
I then walk towards the convention center and decided to go back to the Bund.

Before returning to the hotel I decided to walk to the Shanghai Railway Station to make a path for locating the next day. But the distances are always deceptive in Shanghai, everything looks so close on the map … After 10-15 minutes of walking, seeing that I had traveled a third of the way and I would have anyway back, I decided to turn the road when the night begins to fall.

Monday will be the day to visit the campus of Fudan to be familiar with it before the inscriptions provided Tuesday. The university entrance should be an opportunity to rub a Shanghai more convenient and less touristy.

Op Op Op chinese music

Because it’s fashionable too, Richard Clayderman, with minivagues blondes and pastels and sequined tuxedos, remains a classic. Personally, I thought he had decided to die, respect for the hearing of the human race, and shame for a show of works stolen and reinterpreted fashion bontempi.

The Chinese make no difference. Listening to Beethoven’s Fifth headed by a renowned conductor, or the poor way as a jingle Playstation dared Clayderman is the same, since it is the same melody. Karajan, Clayderman, same fight. The most amazing thing is that the covers of Richard Clayderman (those of his records, not allowing his jackets jog at night) still present in trental beautiful blond, kind of Rahan in tuxedo clown smiling with all his keyboard, do good to shudder grannies. Imagine your surprise, if in a sober and elegant, you had ears irritated by the massacres of this pathetic troublemaker forgotten.

The French are not left as a singer is very present in the tanks and trendy places. It is Hélène Rolles, which, ten years ago, won a mercantile success, if not artistic, with less than five years. And in China, it is also very cool. When I explain to Chinese melodies that are intended only for soft Mouflets the bulb, it was never even a true artist, let alone a Nobel molecular physics, they would argue in a sigh that air is nice and her voice is lovely and soft. Despite the poverty of intellectual and artistic repertoire, little Helene became an ambassador of freshness and French culture in China. Any other French artist is simply unknown.

Guangzhou, the south of china

Far left, the pink building, this is where I work. The large tower at the bottom, the Citic, lost in the mist of Canton.
And yes it is a tropical climate and any moisture that goes with it. When I arrived it was about 30 ° C and all the same for the weekend. For info, a week earlier than I was in France it was snowing, and Shanghai the same day about 20 ° C, climate shocks hello:]
On your right, I call them Siamese towers, under construction, and a little closer to the local Times Square. Here for presentations, this is the view I had every morning this week from the office at 5 minutes walk from my hotel, great!

Will now be a little closer to my new home in Tianhe Beilu back on.


Soon we arrive on buildings to give you a torticollis to see the top. Restaurants sanitized, gyms, banks. A Shanghai-Pudong become?
We probably less approaching the famous Citic. Below, seen from the back of the park that is next.


Quite impressive. Surely we’ll talk later …
It continues, some pictures of Guangzhou in bulk.

Meanwhile we arrive at Longkou Xilu 龙口 西路 and Park Megastore, handy supermarket to shop for the week. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Starbucks, they are all, with everything you need to store electronics and furniture. Longkou to Donglu 龙口 东路, stop! this is where I am!

And the view from my balcony …


You will understand, nothing to do with my Minhang Shanghainese. More noise and pollution over the world, Bouis-bouis are much rarer, and when you manage to find them, this is not quite the same price. Casually, if I’m still on the same street as my place of work, it takes me about 30 minutes with feet, about 15 bus depending on traffic, with the station at the bottom of my home.

Life surely more urban, vibrant, waiting for me here. Yet he will have to adapt to life in Cantonese. Unpredictable weather now, it speaks Cantonese everywhere (well fortunately Mandarin goes well, phew ..), and surely other things that await me in the corner!

Soon for the rest!

Guangzhou power

After several days of radio silence, I take contact with the web! And attention not from Shanghai, but since my new city: Canton! Guangzhou or for the purists

Since the last post, a lot of news! And not least, it is done moving Shanghai – Canton is indeed realized. It’s been a week now that I got, and I’ve just moved into my new apartment! Meanwhile I was at the hotel (without an internet connection, hence the radio silence), and especially I started my new life as a non-student. That’s it I came on with a bang in life! as they say, this kind student is inactive … New business, new town, new home, and even a new mobile phone number (so that it is cheaper, better to take a local number).

I just starting to get my bearings. I have not really had time to go around Canton, just my neighborhood, between my office and my new home. So voili voilou the first photos of Canton! Tianhe District, including the Citic, xin zhong 中 新 as they say here, THE financial and commercial center of Guangzhou.

Here we go, we share the intersection of Guangzhou Dadao 广州 大道 for up Tianhe Beilu 天河 北路, the artery of the new financial and commercial district of Tianhe 天河 区 that.