Guangzhou, the south of china

Far left, the pink building, this is where I work. The large tower at the bottom, the Citic, lost in the mist of Canton.
And yes it is a tropical climate and any moisture that goes with it. When I arrived it was about 30 ° C and all the same for the weekend. For info, a week earlier than I was in France it was snowing, and Shanghai the same day about 20 ° C, climate shocks hello:]
On your right, I call them Siamese towers, under construction, and a little closer to the local Times Square. Here for presentations, this is the view I had every morning this week from the office at 5 minutes walk from my hotel, great!

Will now be a little closer to my new home in Tianhe Beilu back on.


Soon we arrive on buildings to give you a torticollis to see the top. Restaurants sanitized, gyms, banks. A Shanghai-Pudong become?
We probably less approaching the famous Citic. Below, seen from the back of the park that is next.


Quite impressive. Surely we’ll talk later …
It continues, some pictures of Guangzhou in bulk.

Meanwhile we arrive at Longkou Xilu 龙口 西路 and Park Megastore, handy supermarket to shop for the week. McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, KFC, Starbucks, they are all, with everything you need to store electronics and furniture. Longkou to Donglu 龙口 东路, stop! this is where I am!

And the view from my balcony …


You will understand, nothing to do with my Minhang Shanghainese. More noise and pollution over the world, Bouis-bouis are much rarer, and when you manage to find them, this is not quite the same price. Casually, if I’m still on the same street as my place of work, it takes me about 30 minutes with feet, about 15 bus depending on traffic, with the station at the bottom of my home.

Life surely more urban, vibrant, waiting for me here. Yet he will have to adapt to life in Cantonese. Unpredictable weather now, it speaks Cantonese everywhere (well fortunately Mandarin goes well, phew ..), and surely other things that await me in the corner!

Soon for the rest!

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