Op Op Op chinese music

Because it’s fashionable too, Richard Clayderman, with minivagues blondes and pastels and sequined tuxedos, remains a classic. Personally, I thought he had decided to die, respect for the hearing of the human race, and shame for a show of works stolen and reinterpreted fashion bontempi.

The Chinese make no difference. Listening to Beethoven’s Fifth headed by a renowned conductor, or the poor way as a jingle Playstation dared Clayderman is the same, since it is the same melody. Karajan, Clayderman, same fight. The most amazing thing is that the covers of Richard Clayderman (those of his records, not allowing his jackets jog at night) still present in trental beautiful blond, kind of Rahan in tuxedo clown smiling with all his keyboard, do good to shudder grannies. Imagine your surprise, if in a sober and elegant, you had ears irritated by the massacres of this pathetic troublemaker forgotten.

The French are not left as a singer is very present in the tanks and trendy places. It is Hélène Rolles, which, ten years ago, won a mercantile success, if not artistic, with less than five years. And in China, it is also very cool. When I explain to Chinese melodies that are intended only for soft Mouflets the bulb, it was never even a true artist, let alone a Nobel molecular physics, they would argue in a sigh that air is nice and her voice is lovely and soft. Despite the poverty of intellectual and artistic repertoire, little Helene became an ambassador of freshness and French culture in China. Any other French artist is simply unknown.


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