Nanjing road shanghai

Barely 30 meters traveled, I came across a group of Chinese who accost me by offering me Swatch, Mont Blancs, Gadget bright and waxing. I make them understand that I’m not interested in trying to continue my path but shoeshine which is probably not his first attempt gives me a good portion of tube polish on the shoe, leaving me no alternative but to accept his offer under penalty of lugging me with his polish all afternoon (note: think about taking a package handkerchief be to avoid this kind of disappointment) … In addition to selling almost forced the price : 80 RMB! I take it with a smile telling me that this is part of learning …

Solicitations will not stop there, 1h walk on, I’ll be accosted by 20 to 30 people. Sometimes in groups, sometimes alone (s), their sole purpose is to sell me Swatch, Mont Blanc, Rolex, DVDs, or lead me in a massage parlor … To this is added the proposals to drink a drink in a bar that specific finger and tell me which suggests an addition of more saline. I obviously reject these proposals.

And then there are loads more sympathetic to those Chinese students who smile at you and greet you or even touch to discuss a few minutes. I had heard of these “language partners” who want practice foreign languages ​​in exchange for which one has to perform a mix of Chinese / English and learn more about our lifestyle reciprocal. I have to meet 5 or 6 like this and one of them even gave me his mobile number in aprenant I will probably stay 5-6 months in Shanghai

It did an hour I wandered, and I’m docking again by 2 young students, with a very discreet and very talkative one. It starts the conversation ritual where are you from? Since when are you in Shanghai? etc … and naturally the conversation after 5 minutes of trading, Ling (this is the name of the pretty girl gossip) I suggest that you go sit a few minutes to continue to speak more calmly. Being tired of the noise and jet lag, hungry (I had not eaten anything since yesterday and it was already> 14.00), I told him that it was a good idea. Especially she asked me where I wanted us to go, which made me drop my guard told me that I would necessarily scammer sent in a specific location …


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