Huangpu river

Saturday begins with a survey rather late at 13:00. I rarely sleep much yet but the jet lag to help, especially as the queen size bed is very comfortable!

I go for a ride on the side of Fuzhou Road. Shanghai is quite different from the city I thought discover. From one street to another, or should I say a piece of street to another, we alternate locations for the privileged modern and dilapidated buildings & sales for disadvantaged populations. I expected to see these contrasting situations between different areas but not in the city center.

After an hour of walking from street to street I can Yanan East Road. Failing to find a place that inspires me confidence as a perspective / frame rates (which are rarely displayed outside) as a health point of view, I decided to turn back …
I then decided to go by fatigue in a McDonald’s Nanjing Road. Even in the city center, finally we meet very few Westerners can be 2 to 100 Asian!? This is all the more surprising that references Western (especially American) abound. There are dozens of McDonalds, KFC, Burger King, Haagen Daaz … (about 1 every 300m on Nanjing road and others scattered around the surrounding streets).

But I was told that I would avoid at most such places to taste the delights of the local cuisine … But I must admit that my misadventures of the day made me somewhat paranoid and although n ‘ being a fan of Fast Food American, I must admit they have some advantages. This standardization provides food to find quality food and a guaranteed minimum level of cleanliness throughout the world as well as fixed price. This breakfast cost me about 3-4 euros which was good as my portfolio to my stomach and I’d say my morale!

I walk again in a few courses and Nanjing Road shopping centers, noting (as before) that on many items (clothes, electronics, …) life is very expensive, more expensive than see Paris!? I then go visit some stores food and not wanting to be difficult, I must admit that very little, if not nothing, I envy. All these dried foods, the smells of greasy offal and some I have not given me want to go on forever. I will probably have time to get used to this. I have not been extensively canvassed either, just 3 or 4 times (compared with 20-30 times of the day at the same time).

Back at the hotel I take a break and come away an hour wandering around 17:00 again and then make a boat trip on the Huang Pu River. That begins around 18:00 as night fell.

This visit also shows that Shanghai is primarily a port. Furthermore barges and container door that I had the opportunity to see navigate from my hotel room, I found the presence of dozens of giant cranes and thousands of square meters of warehouses along the river.

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