bike in fudan

Last week, when he was pouring, my blue bike still dropped me rotten. This time because of the fender chain that is caught in the pedal … Arrived at Fudan repairman who had sold me, I showed him the damage and he wants me to pay 10 RMB (1.1 euro) to change part. No longer wish to put a penny in this bike, I take him and offers to buy it but he says he does not even want half price ….

So, my decision to change bikes have taken once and for all, and the next day came, I went to the bike dealer located a few hundred meters from the dormitory Lu Wudong

There are three types of bikes that hold my attention:

Bikes cheap but not adjustable, similar to the one I already sold RMB 138 new without basket or padlock.
The small wheel folding bikes but a little heavy 300 RMB.
The bikes lightweight alloy and are ultra foldable between RMB 600 and 800 depending on the model.

I finally opted for the latter to have a bike perfectly in my size (they are mini but height adjustable) and it is light enough that I can go back to my room at night.

To add a bit of security, I bought a lock to Auchan ultra secure lock when I am off campus, thus limiting the risk that employees of local bicycle dealers do not have the key to the lock …

I am VERY happy with my purchase. Finally, it is comfortable biking and I am no longer folded in 4! Although expensive locally (660 RMB), the price remains low (less than 70 euros) for a category of very expensive bike in the West.

As a bonus, I can sell my old bike 50 RMB “as” an American I met at the store during the purchase of a new bike!

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