Nanjing road angain!

En route to a quiet place to continue our discussion, we enter a mall amount floors … Arrived in a karaoke bar the friendliest, we propose a map. We order all three tea (the price a little high of 40 yuan reassures me and makes me once again lowered my guard). We continue our discussion on China, the West our differences, enough to satisfy the curiosity of everyone around … a VERY GOOD green tea (though I’m not a big tea drinker) and slices of watermelon (Xi gua tells me Ling) also very good (I must say that I was hungry). A time very friendly with multiple Ganbei (to your health) exchanged. And then comes a Ganbei a little more specific … I realize that it is not over toast with tea but with whiskey. I have no idea how it got there, deep in conversation with my very shy Qing became very talkative as her friend Ling Ling … who probably ordered the whiskey during that time …

It is at this point that I realized the deception … Aware that it was better not to make too many waves in these cases, under penalty of being boxer by vigils and even more … I immediately stripped excuse I needed to go because I was waiting at the hotel and I paid 1599 RMB a note!! (400 + RMB Whisky).

The moral of all this:

While on my guard, I got caught in beauty. I must say they were extremely clever, showing a total spontaneity in their speech, with a very natural appearance, I do not impose a specific place to ask and taking drinks affordable to start. They were able to perfectly play on the fact that they were two to take care while going the other control Whisky. Brief real pro who clearly appointances bar with several scavengers tourists …
My knowledge of the system I have, however, avoided a massacre, additions of this type are generally several thousand euro and non-RMB. I’m doing so cheaply with about 180 euro, having put the kibosh on the first tour alcoholic.
Jet lag fatigue, hunger probably helped to sow confusion. Avoid!
At this level, it is almost impossible to tell the difference between people who approach you in all sincerity as “language partner” and those calculators and patient enough to trick you at the end of a process of 20/30 minutes. Me who did violence to get into the game of “Comrades Language” to practice a mix of little Chinese that I can speak with English, I think I’m going to show savagery until I went to University
As it is said that falling horse should immediately ascend … I made again to return to violence Nanjing Road and travel along the avenue. Is it because it was night or because I look less subdued than during my first visit? Still, I was much less addressed (5-8 times for watches / massage / … one time only to say hello and exchange two words. return can therefore Nanjing Road no holes in his pockets to be provided on guard, fit and not be fooled by two lovely girls most natural and gifted in the art of deception even those who are warned!


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