Guangzhou power

After several days of radio silence, I take contact with the web! And attention not from Shanghai, but since my new city: Canton! Guangzhou or for the purists

Since the last post, a lot of news! And not least, it is done moving Shanghai – Canton is indeed realized. It’s been a week now that I got, and I’ve just moved into my new apartment! Meanwhile I was at the hotel (without an internet connection, hence the radio silence), and especially I started my new life as a non-student. That’s it I came on with a bang in life! as they say, this kind student is inactive … New business, new town, new home, and even a new mobile phone number (so that it is cheaper, better to take a local number).

I just starting to get my bearings. I have not really had time to go around Canton, just my neighborhood, between my office and my new home. So voili voilou the first photos of Canton! Tianhe District, including the Citic, xin zhong 中 新 as they say here, THE financial and commercial center of Guangzhou.

Here we go, we share the intersection of Guangzhou Dadao 广州 大道 for up Tianhe Beilu 天河 北路, the artery of the new financial and commercial district of Tianhe 天河 区 that.