Fudan Campus

From there I go to the building language exchange for registration. It is actually off campus (at the edge of campus) 20 minutes walk from the dorm …

Starts the queue in which new forms are given to us as if we all were not already full enough! I have next to me a conversation with a Chinese European French and guide in filling their forms. We sympathize very quickly and I learn that he is Italian, he worked in Hong Kong before he met the Chinese who became his companion and he joined in Shanghai. He wants to learn Mandarin as for professional reasons as to communicate with his girlfriend as they speak in English for the moment …

The journey Registration takes place in six stages, each stage we give our paper + admission letter and a stamp is affixed to a paper that contains one line per step.
In the sixth step we give the paper that all buffers and we are free and included!

At the stage I see the money out of Italian wads of cash (RMB 10,500) to pay for his tuition (because he did not make bank transfer). It was fun to see all these bundles pass through the counting machines tickets …

Once registration finished we went to the dormitory where Italian will spend two days in his physical examination enabling him to obtain his residency permit (he lives off campus with a one-year visa).

On the way we pass the huge new building built for 100 years of Fudan.
Then we leave off campus where the Chinese partner of my new Italian friend will help me to choose a Chinese SIM card for my laptop. There are several operators. The best are those numbers starting with 138 and 139, it is “more stable”. Card costing 70-85 RMB depending on the number and entitles RMB 50 phone credit. You must add 10 RMB credit every month by purchasing a card to maintain their subscription. You can not call internationally with but can be called (ca cost you) and send SMS in France.

Then we leave breakfast every 3. We order 5-6 dishes including a noodle dish that will be all excellent and impressive (the portions are huge). We are doing is for 90 RMB (just over 3 euros each) and we leave behind us enough food for two other meals: (


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