Studying in fudan

I leave my new friends to go to the administration office to give my newly acquired mobile number. Then, on the way back I decided to buy a bike (I had to return two went 15-20 min walk from each other throughout the campus during the day). Came to stand I see two young western one of which is open to haggling buy a bike. Watching the scene with amusement I distinguish some words of French and became acquainted with “Melanie” while “Peter” closed negotiation.

I launched myself in a short negotiation for a “beautiful blue bike,” his theft and his basket and run after being presented (Mélanie am Fudan MBA program through an exchange with Peter and his school follow me as program language) and have exchanged some of our experiences of hours and days passed, we start with Mélanie test our bikes while shopping at the supermarket while Peter set from administrative concerns.

We meet in the evening for dinner in a very nice decor. We galérons a bit to order, so the waitress asking the next table or two “students” (35 – 40) Chinese MBA will serve us very kindly translator and even to suggest dishes (we will meet to Moreover, the same day the restaurant)! I asked for spicy beef I was served … as the beef was covered with chili seeds! We ate for less than 20 RMB each, or just over 2 euro per person for a meal of equal quality and lower amounts we have cost 20-30 euro per person in Paris …

The next two days the weather deteriorates sharply. The temperature drops, the rain came and the wind makes the climate even more cold. Wednesday we went to the center with Melanie to see the Bund / Nanjing read while Pierre had met a Chinese view on the net 🙂 Thursday we had to make a deal but the weather was such that we decided to stay close to campus .

In the evening, we met another “Pierre” French in the lobby was relieved to cross the French (it’s in a double room with a Japanese who does not speak English or French). Then arrives “Richard”, Hong Kong Chinese who studied in France in the same school as Melanie and which is in the same exchange program it.

On the net, it’s pretty simple, there are wall sockets in the rooms which just plugger cable RJ45 (network cable) and establish a PPPoE connection when entering login / password are those located on a map of 120 hours of connection that you buy down to 75 RMB.

For long distance calls is a bit the same principle, you buy a card (eg: I took a 50 yuan, it dials a number on his phone inside for credit with credit card then between the phone’s favorite numbers that they receive a substantial reduction in minute (1.12 RMB / min instead of 3.2 RMB for France).

My update will be waiting, I must say that I was quite busy these days …
In fact my next update should be spaced enough in time and less detailed.
We await the day and especially the introductory and Sunday classes start Monday.

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