KTV Let’s goooo

I could not go to China without trying at least once a night KTV (Karaoke TV). This is now done!

The evening was in fact organized by Chinese students from Fudan MBA, the French exchange in the program who invited me to go with them.

The place is quite nice, in a very recent building. It looks a bit like a hotel.

Before starting the festivities, we fill Chinese beers mini supermarket part of the complex (chose one, you pay and a server brings everything in our room once installed).

We sit in a room rented for the occasion (RMB 100-150 per hour I think). In this room a large sofa for about 10 people, facing a TV screen and on the right device on which you select songs that will pass.
We were at the beginning about 6 and 6 Western China. The evening begins, beers flow freely. The beginning starts quite slowly, which gives the opportunity to know for MBA students do not already know each other very well and those of us who were other programs / university did not know them at all.

I talked to a lot of Chinese Fudan MBA program that is working and his MBA at the same time (thirty). The first step is the exchange of business card (which I had the right with another Chinese MBA) but the timing of telephone and exchange with Western and Chinese name of compliments on our respective phone models.

Like many Chinese, is passionate about football and especially European soccer. He knows the teams Lyon, Marseille, and as many foreigners is entranced by our expatriate in UK footballer Thierry Henry (more than before Zidane).

We discuss our mutual journey. He shared his knowledge of French universities (apparently very famous in mathematical Paris), we are talking about including the INSEAD MBA I plan to do and for which he seemed to have a great admiration. Then he gives a list of foreign boxes in which he recommends me to submit my application in time … It also covers a lot of topics on his vision of Europe, the geopolitical relations between South America, USA China and Russia Franco-German axis. Then lighter topics on European women, including Swedish whose blond hair, blue eyes and size seem upset! It was pretty fun on a whole subject compare our visions of the world, each aprioris …

But it was above all a Karaoke night! Songs and have not stopped. The task was not easy for those of us who were not talking and Western (or sing) not fluent Chinese … Modesty, low level selection western songs (often too fast, little known or without lyrics …) and unfamiliarity of such parties was that we were much less involved than Chinese or Western Chinese family.

While Westerners (including myself) had trouble getting started, the Chinese and Chinese were related to them background in the songs. The Chinese also Austrian sang divinely and as my friend Franco Chinese / Cantonese also coped very well, fully involved in the interpretation. It was very nice to follow.

So, most Westerners left the KTV to 23H to go downtown to the famous Babyface (who apparently was too busy). I myself have decided to stay with a friend through French / Cantonese, a Chinese-Austrian, two Chinese, one Taiwanese and Austrian another university in the evening we found that it spoke French (also very good).

Pushed a little, I made an attempt to duet on “Complicated” by Avril Lavigne (not obvious to the voice, and flow), then “Black or White” by Michael Jackson (where ct mission impossible … especially since words not displayed), and after a few beers, a solo on “Say you say me” Lionel Richie. The Chinese sang to them in turn without stopping!

At 3:00 am, six hours after our arrival, we left on campus.

As it was past midnight, the security guards’ dormitory foreign Fudan waiting for us with the registry so that we apposions our room numbers, arrival and signatures … I was with a friend Franco / Cantonese, Chinese-Austrian Taiwanese and his girlfriend. My friend, fun story, sort of security that both China and shared rooms that they could pass … The security officer then looked at the woman with a black look more threatening until their identity was confirmed and their rooms identified on the registry! It does not laugh campus police!

I did not become a fan of karaoke and I do not go back without a doubt not / or infrequently, but it was a very nice evening and rich cultural discoveries worth to be experienced at least once.


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