Chinese massage

Apart from supermarkets, and hairdressers, another activity mass Shanghai massage parlor. I believe there are 40000 massage parlors in Shanghai, it is to say … Of course, there are all both in terms of hygiene, and in terms of qualification masseurs or customs practiced in these places … So There is no doubt that massage parlors are unsavory Nanjing Lu (personally I did not venture, for the price of tea and whiskey in the neighborhood … * g *).

There is a massage parlor in the mall next to the campus of Fudan which I said good, but the place I was not too inspired when I went … It seems that there has a formula 5 euro for students of Fudan (11 euro for the others) but I hesitate to entrust my back to hands not necessarily well qualified). So I turned back.

But today, I had spent one to two hours to the Xiang Yang Market and wandering around the corner, I decided to go! So I stopped at DragonFly Donghu Donghu Lu at 20 to a few hundred meters from Xiang Yang market. My experience in professional massage is quite limited but I had heard good reviews about this DragonFly is the show’s most famous chain which now has nine in Shanghai, one in Beijing and one in Oslo!

When I arrived I was greeted by a lovely hostess who speaks perfect English and handed me a menu of more complete. The place is clean and the standard western luxury with a warm and Asia.

I opt for the traditional Chinese massage for an hour for 120 RMB (13 Euro). I then drove to a small cabin where I am invited to a priori change me and put my stuff in a locker locking. I put a sort of beige silk pajamas (it looks clean / washed for each use) and put slippers (disposable style hotel / hospital). My masseuse waiting for me at my exit and guide me in a very dim light corridor, joining a set of parts also benefit from a very low light (just enough to see either). In some places we see / hear the fountains flowing. Asian soft music going in the background. It makes me lie down on a massage bed (with opening for the head, also covered with a disposable sanitary protection). So here I am reassured luxurious of the most relaxing and perfect hygiene rules (even better than the Chinese hospital that I tested last weekend * g *).

Remains to be seen what gives massage!? 1 hour of pure relaxation in expert hands! I do not have a great professional massage practice (1 or 2 past experiences quite ok but nothing special), but I must admit that I was completely captivated by the framework and the technique! Chinese traditional massage is a massage that covers both global head than the back, arms, hands, legs and feet. It is massaged dressed (in silk pajamas that scored) The accuracy and determination of actions is impressive, so much so that I thought I would not succeed to get up and I have long thought to ask for an extension! The masseuse also apparently speaks English, or at least mastering all the vocabulary necessary for the exercise of his profession (you do not hear that finally 2 or 3 times an hour massage, and it is just as well because we is in such a state of relaxation that has no desire to speak!).

Once the massage is finished I was escorted to the cabin to change, then I left, my masseuse waiting for me with a tray on which I had to drop the key locker in return she gave me a delicious tea that I could continue to be enjoyed in the lobby going paid (you only pay at the exit, it shows just by entering his name on a paper with one addition, it is likely to encourage people to will extend the experience …)

Customer side, that I met in the lobby, it seems that it is mainly women tourists and Western businessmen.

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