Finally … I think!

It’s been awhile since I promised to some, since the first pot of bloggers Shanghai … and I believe it is, I revived my day “Son Canvas”. In the series spring cleaning;]

I must say that the blogosphere expatriates, including French, China continues to grow, and each offers its end experience, his way of life in China, a rich collection of different backgrounds bound by the same engine: “You also told your galleys in China”)

Finally this is especially the Blogs section machine. I also added 2 or 3 links in Chinese Bouquet and Blogs Around the Web.
By cons, sorry but I do not have time to enjoy the thumbnails to 160 x 50. So if you want to give me a link, a thumbnail to change the layout, or if I simply have forgotten you, leave a comment in the Son Canvas!

In the aftermath, the corresponding section in the left column was refreshed and expanded. Separation by Chinese cities has been added history to navigate for those seeking information on one of them in particular. Is that the list grows, a true community is born! But do it from growing too fast … it is not always easy to keep its current links: |

Anyway good blog at all!

PS: Speaking of pot bloggers, Beijing and Shanghai cover call Thursday … I’m trying to plant the idea in Cantonese bloggers that I knew but no echo. Canton then will not the game??
Kisses bloggers to Shanghai (and their readers)) I never see this opportunity, Canton is going away … kisses as the Pekingese:]

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