NEW HOME in china

Well there it is, it is high time I show you a little of my new home. So new that it’s because it’s been a month all round as I live So now, after Shanghainese apartment home after home Shanghainese dorm room, this is the latest in the series: the Cantonese in my apartment!


Shanghai Pudong la nuit

Shanghai Pudong la nuit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As I announced there is not very long, I live in the Tianhe District, the new business district of Guangzhou, to some extent comparable to Shanghai Pudong. If I live in this neighborhood is not so by choice but because this is my office therein, and hours of transit or walking when the weather is 40 ° C in the shadow, I pass well.

So when I arrived there a little over a month in Guangzhou with only a few days before me to find an apartment that I liked before starting to be monopolized by the job, I fell from the sky when I ‘ have seen rents. And yes, in my head, Canton it was still not at Shanghai cost of living in Shanghai is reputed to be the most expensive city in Mainland China (HK which excluded). Guangzhou Tianhe except that, without being Shanghai Pudong, Shanghai Xuhui well worth to rent, and it is certainly not as idyllic as Shanghai Minhang:


Anyway, after we refused the offered me 38m ² to 3,000 yuan per month because of their proximity to the Citic (LE financial center of Canton), I picked up a little further happiness Tianhe Beilu on the side of Longkou Donglu ( = street Maw Dragon is not far from the street Maw Dragon west]) for a small 一房一厅 yi-yi-fang-ting, literally a room-a living room, a 2 bedroom What, with balcony, bathroom and kitchenette. I have been visiting a twenty apartments with 5 different agencies in two days and a half, by sorting the barred windows, construction sites, places too expensive or too bright. ‘ve Unraveled itself (as a leader … I do not know) to negotiate and find something where I could feel good. Therefore the amount of rent (2200 yuan / month) I do not have 70m ² I would have loved, I have a furnished relatively new small but cute, I finally located;)

English: shanghai pudong

English: shanghai pudong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In addition to my owner is a real cream, focus on costs, contract, Internet, rehabilitation, keys, everything has been arranged in two days that followed my decision made itself the day of my first visit. There’s no time to procrastinate a day or two, it goes 一房一厅 quickly so you have to decide quickly! In my case, supporting previous contract I had for 2200 yuan per month apartment previously sold at 2700 yuan per month. The owner was anxious to go home, in Qinghai. In other words, another advantage (although we will see later), my landlord will not come bothering me every Sunday morning …


Here’s the story, let us therefore presentations. This is the time of the turn of the tenant


That is where you fall when you come through the door: the living room tails, with room in the extension.


Connoisseurs easily identify lack, coffee table and billy, furniture towels, all rights come from IKEA corner.


I have looked elsewhere, but not find happiness. So I claim my inner IKEA typical Chinese



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