Nightclub in shanghai

Shanghai is a very active night, even on weekdays. Fans of the party and drink can go out every night without problems even on weekdays.

Here is a compilation of some hot spots of the moment that have been recommended to me or that I had the opportunity to visit.
The Zapata Mexican Bar & Restaurant

“The place to be on Wednesday.” Wednesday is the Ladies Night (free Margarita for girls).

I personally have not hooked. Four points riled me: lack of space / crowded / too loud / too old.

For Bar / Restaurant, there is not really anywhere to ask for drink and even less to eat. The number of tables is very limited space as a whole is also very limited, there are too many people (limit we walked on) and the sound volume is so high that it is impossible to exchange two words.

Bar’s clientele consists mainly of expats with a third of fifties accompanied by young Asian. We limit the impression of being in Thailand, especially when you see some German whose behavior corresponds perfectly to the caricature that we made them …

Now, I must admit that the frame is quite nice and the place enjoys a large outdoor terrace can be much more enjoyable when the temperatures are milder … As I left relatively early (23:30) who court the next day …

The Bar Rouge

ShanghaiSitué Bar Rouge at the 8th floor of No. 18 The Bund, this bar is particularly famous for its splendid view of the Pudong have b. If everyone seems unanimous on the setting and views, opinions are quite divided the rest. The place is already shielded world and it seems that surcharges are applied to the input on Saturday. It may be better to spend the week and it is recommended that a table booker (with RMB) if you go on the weekend.

Anyway this is one of the most expensive bars in town with consumption within 60 to 80 RMB …

It seems it is recommended to book a table, on the one hand to be sure to get there but also to reduce costs …

The place is mostly frequented by expats and wealthy Chinese gamblers / posers.


Known for his evening of Friday evening and ALL INCLUDED 100 RMB, the place to his fans and antis … The main criticisms that are made for said Friday evening that seems too crowded and that causes difficulties to access bar and queues that never end for her glass …


“It was better before.” A club which was the most famous in Shanghai and seems to have lost its luster to hear some comments about it. A friend who passed this week yet found the place nice.

Club DKD

Echoes quite positive about it.

Babyface 2

Club seems to be quite famous. It has even been recommended by many Chinese who were dining drunk next to us and hear us speak French and working as a commercial for Pernot Ricard wanted (after drink with us) that we will meet again

Like most clubs / Chinese boxes, one plays mainly techno (house to hard trance).

Xintiandi ARK Live House of

Ark Live House of Xintiandi ShanghaiUn nice bar in the amazing neighborhood of Xintiandi. A neighborhood of the old city completely rebuilt (and more modern) that looks a bit like a Bercy Village. Shops, bars, cafes and restaurants …

The food is very good, the prices are affordable with regard to Chinese food (a bit exaggerated in terms of western food as we approach Paris prices). Up to 21h music sound with volume atmosphere.

We had to 21h Asian solo acoustic guitar which we interpreted 2 or 3 pieces Chinese and U.S. recovery, all very soft. To 22h landed a Chinese group and I was able to listen to my first pieces of Chinese rock! Just great! Pure rock sound live in a room and well designed: restaurant in mezzanine, bar facing the stage, a pretty good singer and a very good recovery U2 also provided.

My favorite heart all that the area is frequented by expats but also many Chinese side which gives a less artificial place.

To know all about the nightlife in Shanghai: Bars, Clubs, Restaurants, … I suggest you this site There are lots of nice commentary by site visitors, you have mini plans to go there and can even print the address in Chinese to give to the taxi. In short, a site that contains many other things like a subway map, editorials full of precision, etc …