Sengling Gong Yuan shanghai

After this time we do break a digestive walk, enjoying the beauty of the park, its lakes, its trees …

Then we decided to take a boat. The boat-shaped destroyer or submarine costs 20 RMB 20 minutes with a place at the front for the shooter and one at the rear for the driver. We do a lap of the water with a groin 20 minutes (this is great) and then back to the original space with fountains. At first we thought that the jets were timed and then we realize that they are actually activated by the arms at the front of our boat.

Amusements in Tivoligardens Deutsch: Tivoli vo...

Amusements in Tivoligardens Deutsch: Tivoli von Kopenhagen Español: Los jardines de Tivoli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once the technique is mastered, we engage in the naval battle: me as a pilot, my girlfriend as a master weapon. We are opposed to parents at the helm and children 5 to 10 years for guns. It’s all about positioning to force his opponent to get closer jets lie close enough to activate the jet without receiving water. It was a real return to childhood for us.

We even ally at a time with a dad and son about 8 years in a submarine blue. Each water jet, positioned to encourage people to switch between the two jets. In particular, we completely watered a group of four Korean triggering two jets of water simultaneously.

After that we took the delta plane pulled by a cable style ascent of sky that flies over a part of the water has good speed. It took me encourage my girlfriend who has a bit dizzy but in fact it once it is no more impressive than that.

The final day really relaxing and fun with still plenty to discover for our next trip: horseback riding (well the course is limited), paintball, roller coasters and rides of all kinds, and many other attractions the same styles in the middle of the countryside.

Moon fest shanghai

After a day at the park, we celebrated the feast with my girlfriend the moon. This festival known as the Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth moon, on October 6 this year.

Sabrina had dinner as a family (the Feast of the Moon is above all a family celebration), we first took an ice Hagen Daaz to the moon and then we went in the Jing An Park just across a small park very friendly not far from me.
We found a bench facing the moon to push the romance and tradition to the end and started to eat moon cake (“Yue bing”). Personally I do not particularly fond. The appearance is nice with the carvings of Chinese characters on the surface of the cake, but the taste terrible. It must be said that every year the cake last year are recycled unsold … (last year there were 40% recycled cake). It makes you want huh?

What about the french?

It has now been 7 months since I speak English 50% of my time, Chinese 40% and the remaining 10% French.

The dose of English has gradually decreased the dose of Chinese proportionately increased, but French is rather remained constant view tends to decrease slightly.
There is some fatigue at the beginning because the use of a language almost always requires some concentration, especially when juggling three languages ​​to adapt to his interlocutor.

But in the end I can not say I really miss the French, nor that France finally. Although it is far from his family, certainly a far cry from its habits, although it is more comfortable to speak French, but live in these conditions, it is ultimately really feel global citizen in his daily life and language is the one of the instruments which I think most embodies this fact. And it is clear that I feel more in my element in this context that in a Franco-French …

It does not mean I want to deny France and the French. I think these will keep 5 to 10% of time is important French. Already because it is relaxing to communicate in their native language at times.

Then, because it allows to exchange experiences of Chinese life and reflect together on issues often common. It is therefore reassuring to see that we live and that we feel the same about a country and people so different from our hexagonal frame.

Finally, I realize that by writing my blog, because our French tends to deteriorate the strength not to practice. It starts by spelling then continues with some idioms that sometimes mixed … so it is useful to keep all this to wreak havoc …

Stressfull asia

As throughout China, I’m on vacation this week , and not as the whole of China, I stay at home … No large spaces for these few days, but rather well deserved rest between trips to Guangzhou a few that I still have a lot to discover.

The weeks leading up to the holidays were stressful, my job is very addictive and I’m 40 hours away from the Chinese regime … And the back does not advertise really calm.
So, just to combine business with pleasure, I just realized a small menu for the navigation bar at the top.

Why helpful? Just because my job is precisely that of making websites, and I still have things to learn, and, as in this case, my blog is a good way to test some things:]

So here one stone kill two birds. Although a little time to adapt to the code found in the case of a Alsacreations over-blog blog. But it seems to work on Firefox and Internet Explorer (this is because many of you use it, eh …) with me, so I hope this is ok with you!

As you will see, I had a little flesh menus accessible, in particular to take into account this new life so time consuming to Canton. Will I take the job next Monday, by then perhaps an article with real content;)

Guangzhou by bike

In Guangzhou, a motorcycle

avoids cars.

Motorcycle in Canton,

we quickly forget the caps.

Little of my own personal recovery (I hope Joe Dassin did not want me too) to illustrate the following anecdote.

It was a Friday. I got up on time as almost always, by providing my half hour bus ride before going to work. History to gauge the weather, I take a look
the window, and “Oh I see!?” at the bottom of my building at the intersection where my bus stop this:

And then I tell myself that half-hour drive may be very elongated. The taxi option is equally inadmissible. And besides, it’s nice and warm. That means no matter
to make the journey on foot, could happen sweaty at work, not ideal for a day’s work. And no, we did not even shower available:)

I am short so the dilemma when, once out of the building, the solution manifested itself in the form of a man wearing a helmet doing the heels
with colleagues and overlapping row of onions which I give you a thousand: a motorcycle course!

Usually, when one of these gentlemen gratifies me a ‘halo’ to make me climb on his car I showed him my kindly refused.
In fact most of the time when it is too hot these bikers are not really 100% capacity … But now, strangely, I found their offer rather
interesting] 15 yuan (instead of 2 and 8 bus taxi) for the race, it’s a bit expensive for my taste but I can not find the strength to negotiate. Otherwise I might be in a rush
! Ah it passed the time QQ all the colors that took us around for 5 kuai Minhang. No QQ here, but motorcycles!

With more thrills. As will weave between cars, buses, pedestrians and bicycles with QQ you! You need a bike for that! Motorcycle with a special permit (or
not …) to adapt the traffic needs of the moment. Red lights is for others taken bypassing the hub pad pedestrians and then returns to the axis of the
circulation. Careful not there it goes, here it p … arf ah ah good, but if it passes emissions ass then …
So for the motorcycle Canton, the watchword is “not afraid, close your eyes and breathe,” and in less time than it takes to say, you have arrived at your destination. A cool mode of transport
I recommend for racing express that deserves a little spice in a day:)

From Fudan to jing an temple

Well, it’s been awhile since I itched and I finally take the plunge. Bye bye Fudan Foreign Dorms, hello Jing An Temple.

Everything was done pretty fast, actually. I had planned to spend the week of May holiday apartments to visit and relocate. Finally I visited 6-7 XuJiaHui apartments and Jing An Temple in 5 hours time (very tired).

The last of 70 square meters, brand new, equipped with a nice view caught my attention, especially since it is 8 minutes walk from Jing An Temple station. A bit over my budget (5000 RMB per month), I got after negotiation with the owner a lower rent than 4500 RMB per month (including utilities), the installation of the internet and the phone at the expense of the owner, and the addition of a DVD to accompany the beautiful Sony Wega TV already present The owner also agreed one month deposit instead of two and a lease that lasts 9 months instead of one year minimum … All my requests have been accepted, the signing took place the next day, installing ADSL on the day and the keys 2 days before my lease due to the departure of the owner of Golden Week (May holidays).

A very good choice! The apartment is lovely with large rooms, really nice view from the room as from the living room, day and night, the lively and well located. There’s still time noise because the complex is brand new and some condos are Interior finish, but my room is pretty quiet and within a few weeks all over.

The entrance is already completely transformed in 3 days. We went tarps on the ground to a setting worthy of a luxury hotel lobby: marble floors, sofas, bouquets of pink and green plants and home security.

The downside is that I had the apartment at a great price but the rent will be revised sharply upwards if I want to stay longer at the renewal of the lease …


Fabrik market

Have already done 2 or 3 different markets since my arrival.

Qi Pu Lu (internal market over 4 floors in 3 large buildings). These resulted merchandise (often end of series). We can do good business, there are also a lot of real fake brand style Crocodile (up Lacoste), Amani (up Armani), etc … The prices are not the lowest in Shanghai but there is same business to do there.

Xian Yang Market (Shanxi Lu Metro, at the intersection of Huai Hai Lu and Xiang Yang Lu). Arriving in the neighborhood, you are immediately put into the atmosphere and addressed by several vendors armed with catalogs …
Once back in the market itself, the continuous pressing, every meter you propose something, sometimes you even take him by the arm to get your attention … Just spamming “Bu Yao” (I do not not want) or a decisive step forward. If something catches your attention, you will have to bargain hard! The trading technique is simple, they almost always start with 280 or 380 RMB (30 to 40 euros) for T-shirts, polo shirts, sweet shirts, shoes … brand Puma, Diesel, Lacoste, Boss, Ralph Lauren …. So who gets the Western subject for 150-200 thought he made a good deal … big mistake! You can usually get them for 60-80 RMB see even less if you’re willing to push the negotiations to the breaking point …

Today I bought one and brown leather Gucci wallet (the only one who looked like real leather), 3 Ralph Lauren polo, 1 pull “Cashmere” (I doubt it but I do not know what it ‘ ca is not because it looks very soft) Ralph Lauren, Diesel and two teeshirt for 490 RMB or about 50 Euro (about 7 euro per item).

huai hai xiang yang market fake

Buying all in the same store and negotiating the fairest I could get out to 5-6 euro per item. But it is already better than 2300 RMB (250 Euro) originally requested or 350/400 euros it would cost in store for the true So I begin to think that the life of every day (and the spring Shanghainese seem to happen) I’ll leave my “real” clothes in the closet and wear only the truth! Like this if violent dorm washing machines do damage, it does not get too serious …

Auchan and Carrefour in shanghai

Although from living in a foreign country to learn the language and culture, etc …, notably involves eating “local”, there comes a point where we want to regain some of its roots! Moreover, some products use very common among us (like deodorant) are absent from most Chinese supermarkets … More broadly, I heard multiple locations Carrefour and Auchan supermarkets in Shanghai and I was curious to see what they look like and what we can find.

I have so far tested one Auchan supermarket (very large), 1 medium sized Carrefour and Carrefour said THE “expats” (the Gubei).
Several things stand out:

there has been virtually no Western (1 in 1000 Chinese?).
These are huge structures! Supermarkets are as big as the French industrial area where we would find a hyper, a Kiabi a decathlon, etc … except that all space is occupied by the hyper that sells everything. The Auchan and Carrefour Gubei are each on two floors huge (top floor: accessories, appliances, etc. … / downstairs food, fresh products, maintenance, …).
the orderly arrangement of the rays surprised by its lack of logic or at least its logic very different from ours. Eg cleaning products are not side brushes / sponges, they are one floor below near fresh!
The wipes of detergent does not yet exist in China even Carrefour said “the expat” Gubei. Fortunately, however, there can buy paper towels which is impossible to find in supermarket.
Unlike France, prices are not necessarily cheaper hyper. Small supermarkets in the area are often cheaper on power even if the advantage of hyper resume accessories … This finding may be biased by the fact that we live in a neighborhood “cheap.”
Overall, there is little Western products apart from those already found in the supermarket. Appointment at Carrefour Gubei if you want Barillas, Panzani, deodorant or cosmetic Western brands, more choices of dairy (but very limited), French cheese, wine …
In general, it seems that the Chinese prefer Carrefour Auchan. My market research is however limited to the opinion of three taxi drivers all very angry against Auchan they deem too expensive and not good enough …