Fabrik market

Have already done 2 or 3 different markets since my arrival.

Qi Pu Lu (internal market over 4 floors in 3 large buildings). These resulted merchandise (often end of series). We can do good business, there are also a lot of real fake brand style Crocodile (up Lacoste), Amani (up Armani), etc … The prices are not the lowest in Shanghai but there is same business to do there.

Xian Yang Market (Shanxi Lu Metro, at the intersection of Huai Hai Lu and Xiang Yang Lu). Arriving in the neighborhood, you are immediately put into the atmosphere and addressed by several vendors armed with catalogs …
Once back in the market itself, the continuous pressing, every meter you propose something, sometimes you even take him by the arm to get your attention … Just spamming “Bu Yao” (I do not not want) or a decisive step forward. If something catches your attention, you will have to bargain hard! The trading technique is simple, they almost always start with 280 or 380 RMB (30 to 40 euros) for T-shirts, polo shirts, sweet shirts, shoes … brand Puma, Diesel, Lacoste, Boss, Ralph Lauren …. So who gets the Western subject for 150-200 thought he made a good deal … big mistake! You can usually get them for 60-80 RMB see even less if you’re willing to push the negotiations to the breaking point …

Today I bought one and brown leather Gucci wallet (the only one who looked like real leather), 3 Ralph Lauren polo, 1 pull “Cashmere” (I doubt it but I do not know what it ‘ ca is not because it looks very soft) Ralph Lauren, Diesel and two teeshirt for 490 RMB or about 50 Euro (about 7 euro per item).

huai hai xiang yang market fake

Buying all in the same store and negotiating the fairest I could get out to 5-6 euro per item. But it is already better than 2300 RMB (250 Euro) originally requested or 350/400 euros it would cost in store for the true So I begin to think that the life of every day (and the spring Shanghainese seem to happen) I’ll leave my “real” clothes in the closet and wear only the truth! Like this if violent dorm washing machines do damage, it does not get too serious …


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