From Fudan to jing an temple

Well, it’s been awhile since I itched and I finally take the plunge. Bye bye Fudan Foreign Dorms, hello Jing An Temple.

Everything was done pretty fast, actually. I had planned to spend the week of May holiday apartments to visit and relocate. Finally I visited 6-7 XuJiaHui apartments and Jing An Temple in 5 hours time (very tired).

The last of 70 square meters, brand new, equipped with a nice view caught my attention, especially since it is 8 minutes walk from Jing An Temple station. A bit over my budget (5000 RMB per month), I got after negotiation with the owner a lower rent than 4500 RMB per month (including utilities), the installation of the internet and the phone at the expense of the owner, and the addition of a DVD to accompany the beautiful Sony Wega TV already present The owner also agreed one month deposit instead of two and a lease that lasts 9 months instead of one year minimum … All my requests have been accepted, the signing took place the next day, installing ADSL on the day and the keys 2 days before my lease due to the departure of the owner of Golden Week (May holidays).

A very good choice! The apartment is lovely with large rooms, really nice view from the room as from the living room, day and night, the lively and well located. There’s still time noise because the complex is brand new and some condos are Interior finish, but my room is pretty quiet and within a few weeks all over.

The entrance is already completely transformed in 3 days. We went tarps on the ground to a setting worthy of a luxury hotel lobby: marble floors, sofas, bouquets of pink and green plants and home security.

The downside is that I had the apartment at a great price but the rent will be revised sharply upwards if I want to stay longer at the renewal of the lease …


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