Guangzhou by bike

In Guangzhou, a motorcycle

avoids cars.

Motorcycle in Canton,

we quickly forget the caps.

Little of my own personal recovery (I hope Joe Dassin did not want me too) to illustrate the following anecdote.

It was a Friday. I got up on time as almost always, by providing my half hour bus ride before going to work. History to gauge the weather, I take a look
the window, and “Oh I see!?” at the bottom of my building at the intersection where my bus stop this:

And then I tell myself that half-hour drive may be very elongated. The taxi option is equally inadmissible. And besides, it’s nice and warm. That means no matter
to make the journey on foot, could happen sweaty at work, not ideal for a day’s work. And no, we did not even shower available:)

I am short so the dilemma when, once out of the building, the solution manifested itself in the form of a man wearing a helmet doing the heels
with colleagues and overlapping row of onions which I give you a thousand: a motorcycle course!

Usually, when one of these gentlemen gratifies me a ‘halo’ to make me climb on his car I showed him my kindly refused.
In fact most of the time when it is too hot these bikers are not really 100% capacity … But now, strangely, I found their offer rather
interesting] 15 yuan (instead of 2 and 8 bus taxi) for the race, it’s a bit expensive for my taste but I can not find the strength to negotiate. Otherwise I might be in a rush
! Ah it passed the time QQ all the colors that took us around for 5 kuai Minhang. No QQ here, but motorcycles!

With more thrills. As will weave between cars, buses, pedestrians and bicycles with QQ you! You need a bike for that! Motorcycle with a special permit (or
not …) to adapt the traffic needs of the moment. Red lights is for others taken bypassing the hub pad pedestrians and then returns to the axis of the
circulation. Careful not there it goes, here it p … arf ah ah good, but if it passes emissions ass then …
So for the motorcycle Canton, the watchword is “not afraid, close your eyes and breathe,” and in less time than it takes to say, you have arrived at your destination. A cool mode of transport
I recommend for racing express that deserves a little spice in a day:)

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