Stressfull asia

As throughout China, I’m on vacation this week , and not as the whole of China, I stay at home … No large spaces for these few days, but rather well deserved rest between trips to Guangzhou a few that I still have a lot to discover.

The weeks leading up to the holidays were stressful, my job is very addictive and I’m 40 hours away from the Chinese regime … And the back does not advertise really calm.
So, just to combine business with pleasure, I just realized a small menu for the navigation bar at the top.

Why helpful? Just because my job is precisely that of making websites, and I still have things to learn, and, as in this case, my blog is a good way to test some things:]

So here one stone kill two birds. Although a little time to adapt to the code found in the case of a Alsacreations over-blog blog. But it seems to work on Firefox and Internet Explorer (this is because many of you use it, eh …) with me, so I hope this is ok with you!

As you will see, I had a little flesh menus accessible, in particular to take into account this new life so time consuming to Canton. Will I take the job next Monday, by then perhaps an article with real content;)


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