What about the french?

It has now been 7 months since I speak English 50% of my time, Chinese 40% and the remaining 10% French.

The dose of English has gradually decreased the dose of Chinese proportionately increased, but French is rather remained constant view tends to decrease slightly.
There is some fatigue at the beginning because the use of a language almost always requires some concentration, especially when juggling three languages ​​to adapt to his interlocutor.

But in the end I can not say I really miss the French, nor that France finally. Although it is far from his family, certainly a far cry from its habits, although it is more comfortable to speak French, but live in these conditions, it is ultimately really feel global citizen in his daily life and language is the one of the instruments which I think most embodies this fact. And it is clear that I feel more in my element in this context that in a Franco-French …

It does not mean I want to deny France and the French. I think these will keep 5 to 10% of time is important French. Already because it is relaxing to communicate in their native language at times.

Then, because it allows to exchange experiences of Chinese life and reflect together on issues often common. It is therefore reassuring to see that we live and that we feel the same about a country and people so different from our hexagonal frame.

Finally, I realize that by writing my blog, because our French tends to deteriorate the strength not to practice. It starts by spelling then continues with some idioms that sometimes mixed … so it is useful to keep all this to wreak havoc …



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