Moon fest shanghai

After a day at the park, we celebrated the feast with my girlfriend the moon. This festival known as the Mid-Autumn Festival is held on the 15th day of the eighth moon, on October 6 this year.

Sabrina had dinner as a family (the Feast of the Moon is above all a family celebration), we first took an ice Hagen Daaz to the moon and then we went in the Jing An Park just across a small park very friendly not far from me.
We found a bench facing the moon to push the romance and tradition to the end and started to eat moon cake (“Yue bing”). Personally I do not particularly fond. The appearance is nice with the carvings of Chinese characters on the surface of the cake, but the taste terrible. It must be said that every year the cake last year are recycled unsold … (last year there were 40% recycled cake). It makes you want huh?


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