Sengling Gong Yuan shanghai

After this time we do break a digestive walk, enjoying the beauty of the park, its lakes, its trees …

Then we decided to take a boat. The boat-shaped destroyer or submarine costs 20 RMB 20 minutes with a place at the front for the shooter and one at the rear for the driver. We do a lap of the water with a groin 20 minutes (this is great) and then back to the original space with fountains. At first we thought that the jets were timed and then we realize that they are actually activated by the arms at the front of our boat.

Amusements in Tivoligardens Deutsch: Tivoli vo...

Amusements in Tivoligardens Deutsch: Tivoli von Kopenhagen Español: Los jardines de Tivoli. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Once the technique is mastered, we engage in the naval battle: me as a pilot, my girlfriend as a master weapon. We are opposed to parents at the helm and children 5 to 10 years for guns. It’s all about positioning to force his opponent to get closer jets lie close enough to activate the jet without receiving water. It was a real return to childhood for us.

We even ally at a time with a dad and son about 8 years in a submarine blue. Each water jet, positioned to encourage people to switch between the two jets. In particular, we completely watered a group of four Korean triggering two jets of water simultaneously.

After that we took the delta plane pulled by a cable style ascent of sky that flies over a part of the water has good speed. It took me encourage my girlfriend who has a bit dizzy but in fact it once it is no more impressive than that.

The final day really relaxing and fun with still plenty to discover for our next trip: horseback riding (well the course is limited), paintball, roller coasters and rides of all kinds, and many other attractions the same styles in the middle of the countryside.

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