shanghai music oooh yeah

The Chinese perception of music completely different. The Anglo-Saxons called it the “easy listening” (what we call varieties). The literal translation would be the “easy-listening” … In China, the music does not need to move, to sublimate feelings, but only to distract and relax.

Other Western artists found in the tanks remain to this soup image mode, or suranée: the Eagles (not a week that I do not hear Hotal California!), ABBA, Bee Gees, even Britney Spears or Shania Twain. However, some musicians manage to pierce: Norah Jones, or Dire Straits. In stores better stocked, you can tracking down a little more: the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sting, and even Pink Floyd and Nirvana. But they raise the interest of the western diaspora.

Jay Chou on red carpet MTV Asia Aid ,Bangkok T...

Jay Chou on red carpet MTV Asia Aid ,Bangkok Thailand 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

To understand, just listen to Chinese pop (that in Hong Kong, with regional chauvinism is called the “canton pop”). There is a plethora of local artists: singers, boys and girls or bands, which are recognized as one of best sellers. I myself bought a few CDs. This is generally the more cutesy Star Academy, and demonstrated a talent just as conceptual. The melody is simple, even grotesque, and it is not uncommon for an artist sings false. The Chinese do not realize it. To be a singer fashion, just being young and beautiful. Everything else is formatted, packaged, marketed, and sold millions of copies.

We sell a dream rhinestone amusement park … But in no case of emotion. A few years ago, I heard Jean-Louis Aubert speak on the radio about the Star Academy. He told the reporter that Star Academy made him discover a terrific option “could raise artists battery.” Formula made me burst out. And Aubert, to explain, took up the example of Brassens, who could not dance kicking in the behind, and found himself with his guitar and his heart as only tools … With the recognition that we know. In China, this form of popular music does not exist, because the essence of music is in its ease of listening, and not the sensitivity.

There are a few talented artists such as Jay Chou and Wang Fei who, by the quality of their music, get their rightful place on the podium. Cai Li and I went to Jay Chou concert last year, and while I liked his CD already, I was particularly impressed by his performance. While he remains an icon of pop music, he did not hesitate at the end of the concert, we do enjoy reading four hands at the piano, a mazurka of Chopin … That upsets me with his natural performance, and quality, miraculous.