shanghai traffic moderation

Since yesterday, ABSOLUTELY ALL corner Changning District is criss-crossed by a gang of armed Chinese yellow flags calling us to move from “civilized way”.

SVG map of Shanghai's administrative divisions...

SVG map of Shanghai’s administrative divisions with Changning District highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These are similar to 4 per crossing, one at each corner, sometimes accompanied by one or more police officers on major intersections, for once, seem to take their roles to heart.
What is really amazing is that they are really everywhere. The smallest streets in major intersections like everywhere you find to keep you happily grilling fire or moving cars on the road that made you go so fast.

There is really China to get out such an army of volunteers is more, overnight!

I do not know how long it will last, already two days away, and a real pain to circulate for 2 wheels at once! Note that today they were already less zealous yesterday: sometimes you could even go without noticing;) Nevertheless, it makes trips scooter morning much slower and friendly.
I have noticed this phenomenon in the Changning District so far, nothing to report Jing’An. And other districts how it happens?

This is probably for the sake of road safety, prevents, it does not really help the flow for now … Stay tuned!


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