shanghai scooter

A driver get his scooter checked. The police i...

A driver get his scooter checked. The police in front is on his way to give him a ticket (has his little ‘ticket book’ i his right hand). The man probably have plates that claims that his scooter is powered by LPG instead of petrol. The police opened the seat to check what fuel system the scooter actually uses (the tank lid is under the seat). If your scooter is powered by LPG you can drive around all of Shanghai, but if you use petrol like this man…you can’t in most cases. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Even after more than 7 years in China, I still new adventures. Latest of: my scooter, my scooter so dear dream was stolen from me! Theft that is not without consequence: I take this opportunity to go complain to the first time in a police station.

It happened on the night of Thursday to Friday.
Thursday night, I park my scooter down my building as usual. I block the handlebar and covers the vespa its protective cover black, but for once, I omit the large padlock. With the recent moisture, rust and it no longer works. These days, I still enroulais around the front wheel just to make illusion until my seller gets the room to fix it. But tonight, probably by laziness, I do not do anything. After all, this is my home where I put it for almost 1 year. I should have remembered that it was here that he had been stabbed in the head …

Farewell my scooter

Friday morning, all enlivened by the sun beaming hot, I go out with a bang (in a rush to change!) To ride my horse proud … yes but here I flabbergasted: point steed at the usual place. In a few seconds I realized the horror penetrates me, it happened, my scooter was stolen!

I do a little tour of my home to check, just in case, gentle dreamer that I am, it would not have just been moved by any team move. But it has to do: he has disappeared, evaporated in the streets of Shanghai: S


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