My scooter again

Naturally, I hasten to notify guards supposed to monitor the residence. Expecting to find a little help, I am taken aback by their indifference. The shifty eyes, one says “We had put more locks, your scooter is too bright, it attracts attention.”. The other is laughing, “Well it’s really bad luck, huh … 真倒霉 Zhen daomei” as they say. Admittedly, I finally … And all three are there more to me than trying to ridicule me for help. I leave the house puzzled and hailed a taxi to get to work.

English: Maicoletta

English: Maicoletta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

And then I realized my loss even more. Again, I’m walking. Here I am again dependent on taxis and other public transportation (Admittedly I have a bike but when you bump 8km from home does not count). Taxi I have time to rethink this. I am melancholy, sad yes have lost my scooter mascot. A flight is a bit of an assault, rape. I felt robbed, disgusted and revolted after all these guards to smile and inefficient well, are not they in collusion against the laowai and his scooter too shiny?

At the office, I hasten to announce the event. The flight of the famous orange scooter is known to all my colleagues compassion (after all he had been a shooting anyway;]), and the new is rapidly around the office. My Chinese colleague makes me note that the entrance to my residence is video-monitored. Well done, I must inquire me!
And topic of discussion is whether at lunch: sure, it is observed. It is perhaps in our homes that our vehicles are less safe! The guards are necessarily in combination, or so much bad guards. And then, what do I do now? I rebuke another or not? Simply an ugly necessity, to ensure that it never happens again. “Fool me once, shame on you, Fool me twice, shame on me”, is not it? But would it not also admit defeat by thieves?

I am still undecided but promise to report the incident the same evening at the police station near my home, more attracted by a new experience in the vain hope of finding the scooter … what do I do now : surprise potty colleagues on Friday night. Now that I’m on foot, at least I can enjoy the happy hour!


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