The beautiful story of my Chinese scooter

Return to the home Friday night, I asked the guard if illico I can see the video of the previous night. He knows of course. The guards have already watched: about 4am, 2 scooters are out and the grand entrance! Incredible, but how did he not recognized my scooter known as the white wolf, seeing that it was not me it!
Against by the fact that there has been a 2nd makes me think: it was perhaps not only laid against my scooter laowai. Just bad luck, bad decision at the wrong time?

I leave to spend the night, and go to the police station in the early afternoon on Saturday.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Statement to the police, Chinese, as great!

Arrival at home that I know well for recording annual residency, I suggest that for once, this is not what brings me here, and I am taken to the police office real business (not flicage citizens …). Of course I’m surprised. It is not every day that passes laowai office (quiet way), which is more alone! I can not help thinking of my last ‘extended contact’ with police Shanghainese: another context;)
I quickly explained my case, and am finally guided in an adjoining room. I expected no more no less than the Chinese government dispensary with desks and mismatched chairs in a room completely naked with bars on windows. It is familiar ground!

The agent installs office and beckoned me to sit down. It’s party taking deposition. I had foreseen all my papers were all useful to me: passport of course, but also a work permit. I also prepared the photos on my phone, easy to describe my equipment;)

Increased identification name, address, work, another officer joined us: he wanted to ensure that there was no need for a translator and I can read my testimony. I do not have time to answer the first already told him that I speak well enough, and I reassure them that as long as it is written clearly and simply, I would understand. Same second agent tells me he must finally check my visa, of course I understand. He would like to explain that the protocol requires that foreigners are well stuck in this kind of situation. Not surprised;)

Shanghai Stock Exchange

Shanghai Stock Exchange (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Staff are friendly and courteous professionals visibly. It was very easy to give evidence, while understanding the agent while taking handwritten notes. I saw that he transcribed while alternating questions and answers. Finally the time to read and sign “read and approved”. Not always easy to decipher the handwriting of Mr. Officer, but the point is clear. I stumble on the recognition of the conditions of deposition. They took me to see a sign at the entrance that explains how plaintive should ensure that they understand their testimony, or they can request a translator, then roughly. I do not know if this is standard in large countries, perhaps especially in China, because of the diversity of dialects?
I said I understood, and I in turn sign the document in my best Chinese writing. Then, a little red ink on the thumb applied to each signature to refine everything.

Shanghai Skyline

Shanghai Skyline (Photo credit: Keith Marshall)

I rassoie few minutes for the agent to do the data entry. Can I get a nice summary on printed paper. In case there would be a sequel, I would need.

Actually, I asked one of the officers if there really is a chance to get my scooter. Of course it is difficult, but everything is in the shared database policemen Shanghai. If it is found by a police officer in Shanghai, they will be notified and will warn me.
I leave without much illusion anyway. It has taken an hour I think, or bounce smoothly incredible.

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