My scooter, is dead

English: Maicoletta

English: Maicoletta (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My scooter is dead, long live my scooter!

Next stop: my favorite scooter dealer, just to see what is feasible.
I begin by explaining my plight. From the time they know me, I fitted all around me overwhelmed! Finally, the depression did not last, when we begin to talk business;)

They do that scooter “not simple, not ugly,” and anyway, what I want is not super standard: I want to pull my lithium battery in my 60 km / h and 50km my autonomy. More than the carcass is the battery (also stolen in the vespa) which will be costly. My heart is torn, it is a little more than the budget that I wanted to fix, but my favorite merchant knows how to negotiate and especially gives me the coup de grace by taking me in his “warehouse” (storage rooms in sub-floor buildings with a somewhat decrepit home …). Because he used his contends that there is more metallic orange, but he remains convinced that one would like to have the heart net. Anyway, the other colors I do not like. We arrive at the first room: no orange. 2nd room: hidden against the wall, my orange scooter waiting for me there quietly, exactly the same!
If this is not a sign of fate that!

Back to the shop, I pretended to hesitate, but my heart is conquered. Recent negotiations, I finally let go and the boss took me to the bank on his scooter to him, withdraw money from the account.
In three days, I could recover the bitumen and the Shanghai gang to yellow flags!

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