Next step of my life in shanghai

National emblem of the People's Republic of China

National emblem of the People’s Republic of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A good lesson and a few lessons and perspectives

I cracked, but I think mostly I just take a good and expensive lesson! At every opportunity, always padlocked his scooter, especially in places where one feels most safe!

Some days I have therefore thought. After all these years here without any security incident (or almost), I may eventually overestimate Chinese security: theft exists and is current. My guardian angel may have disappeared in recent months, or simply good fortune can not last forever: I met my first incident of its kind after 7 years in China between Shanghai and Canton.

Probably that’s what it takes to continue to spice up my life here, and feed the blog I’m having lived a long time in China, as I still live this kind of vicissitude without more damage than it I tell myself that I still have things to do here. Good, provided that there is still much more to good adventures misadventures)

I take the position as the independence that I have acquired through my Masters in particular Chinese. Between my last trip to Xinjiang often far from any laowai-friendly environment and this last event, I am surprised myself of the relative ease with which I passed through these experiences that would be a nightmare for any non-Chinese-speaking and are instead a breeze for me.
The effect laowai-who-runs-the-Chinese opens the door and smiles, and finally makes the experience even more rewarding for Chinese. Really, really, every day I thank this crazy idea that I had 9 years ago to start learning the language! She avoids many pitfalls, and even if it does not protect me from all troubles, she knows me the way to their solution much easier to find and fun to cross.


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