China GDP

One of the most important news about China in recent months has been that this country has advanced recently to Japan to become the second largest economy in the world, behind only the U.S. (well, and the EU if we all attached). This compares the gross domestic product of each country (GDP).

English: A world map of countries by gross dom...

English: A world map of countries by gross domestic product (nominal) for the year 2010 according to IMF. Français : Carte du produit intérieur brut des pays de la planète (nominal) pour l’année 2010. Português: Mapa do produto interno bruto nominal dos países para o ano de 2010 segundo o FMI. > US$ 1 000 billions 999 – 200 billions 199 – 10 billions No data (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The truth is that the ad was a little rushed, and has shown great cagaprisa that journalists have to declare China’s great economic rival of the USA. Rushed for to start the year is not over, and these things should be compared by adding the annual GDPs. And because the GDP of the April-June period was indeed higher in China than in Japan, but the January-June GDP was still higher in Japan than in China. That said, many, many rush.

In any case, the fact is that China’s GDP today is pretty impressive, especially if we compare it with that of a few decades ago. When I came to this country, back in 2001, was to be the eighth in the world. A half-decade ahead of three European powers (France, Italy and the UK), shortly after Germany, Japan and now stalks.

Production in China is such that if we see the GDP of each province in China, we can compare without problems of entire countries, some of them in the group of developed …

… and here is where my passion for making maps of China, a passion that I have shown in the past.

He produced a map that identified each Chinese administrative division with a GDP which it resembles. The idea has been taken from a graph similar but made ​​with U.S. states, released the other day at GraphJam. That map used names of countries, I prefer to use their flags. It’s just a game, Do not take this too seriously, but goes beyond representation:


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