Gaobeidian market China

I had to speak to you before leaving, Chinese furniture in general, and in particular Gaobeidian market.

Furnitures were made in Liao Dynasty, excavate...

Furnitures were made in Liao Dynasty, excavated from the underground palace in Tian Kai Ta, in Fangshan District of Beijing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Located southeast of Beijing, between the fourth and fifth ring road and 20 minutes by taxi from the center, Gaobeidian is first an ancient village.
But what interests us here this is the “market”, which is actually a street are grouped decorative lamps, contemporary furniture or traditional junk especially true fake antiques.

It is there that we were a few weeks ago to finalize our purchase Chinese …

This long street (1.5km) is lined with shops (over 300), and most often it is even just large warehouses where entreprosés furniture.

If you have a very clear and precise about what you want, you have donations or artist for drawing a detailed picture of a magazine, you can also make your custom furniture … but be aware that it is still quite complicated to understand what you want exactly, and the end result was still quite unlikely to be true to the image you were made in the start (when it is not the poor quality of the material used!).

Otherwise there is absolutely Gaobeidian to all styles of ancient Chinese Ming dynasty and Qing furniture traditional Chinese, through the most modern bamboo furniture, etc …

Flag of the Great Qīng Empire, 1889

Flag of the Great Qīng Empire, 1889 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In our case we went to the most simple: choose Chinese style furniture, or old, or falsely old, and we do deliver.

However do not expect much negotiation. Exit prices divided by 5 or 10 as in Panjiayuan or any market in Beijing. The price we will tell you here is virtually indisputable.

For your information, we purchased three pieces of furniture – which each have 120, 120 and 130 years, hin hin – 2000 kuais (about 200 euros), including delivery. We did not get that 300 kuais reduction … This is not heavy!

Either they took us to the Americans – as my grandfather would say – or I lost the hand, but after consulting with other people, it seems it has become very difficult to properly negotiate Gaobeidian.

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