Changbaishan china

Changbaishan is referenced under the name Wudalianchi, which led to a severe disappointment if you were expecting a volcanic lake in a magnificent alpine setting (I do not disserterai here Changbaishan, but the volcanic lake in question is unfortunately become ultra-tourism, hyper-expensive and super-invisible in case of bad weather … thank you to Jonathan for his epic and sad!).

Now is the photos, starting with the only site notorious Laoheishan (老黑山). The crater is quite impressive, and soon all alone once the rallying point for Chinese tourists exceeded.
A paved path goes around the crater. You can not really sink in, unless bad fall!

For the circular path at the top of the crater.

In fact, the area is completely flat, only ten of the emerging craters created during volcanic eruptions. Some are completely extinct, and others active in theory, as Laoheishan.

Also on the site Laoheishan, a bus takes us into an area covered by lava, where winding paths wood. The walk is very pleasant and impressive when seen for the first time lava fields (this is less grandiose than the Canary Islands Lanzarote, by cons).

In short, lakes and volcanoes, is what there is to see in the area! Needless to say that in case of bad weather frankly it’s not worth the trouble to make the trip … Unless you visit a frozen caves where -5/-10 ° C temperature that prevails throughout the year has enabled the construction of various sculptures. It contrasts with the 30 ° to the surface in summer, and also with the prevailing -35 ° in the same place at the surface in the winter!

And to finish this nice weekend, a good return train travel reminded me of the time I was a student at Beijing … As a transport point of view, this trip was not for me any rest. See for yourself:

– Friday 16:30 bus Handan Airport Shijiazhuang, arrived at 21h (1h which plugs on the highway …)
– Friday 22:30 flight to Harbin, arrived at 0:30, then taxi to the railway station
– Saturday 3:30 train Harbin Bei’an, fortunately berths, arriving at 9:45. Rent a taxi for the weekend, arriving on site at 11am Wudalianchi nearly 2000 km and 20h after my departure.

And the return has not been more quiet, far from it!
– Monday 1:40, but standing overnight train (see photo below cons) to Harbin, arrival 06:30, then bus to the airport
– Monday 10.30 flight to Beijing, arrival 24:30
– Monday 15.30 flight to New York (yes, I enchaînais with a mission to work, so computer and street clothes in the backpack!) Arrived the same day at 17h30 and 12h time difference. Then rent a car to get to Pennsylvania and colleagues find the hotel bar Monday at 21h … rough day!

Anyway, to conclude, Wudalianchi is a site that is well worth a visit if you are traveling in the north-east, but not necessarily more. A day is sufficient and the discerning traveler will depart with great memories! Thank you Jonathan for this weekend, “fighter”, I missed 😉


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