the good Chinese name

The Chinese names are much more varied than the French names. In contrast, the French surnames are much more varied than Chinese names, which include only a few decades the vast majority of the population (Zhang, Li, Liu, Wang …). Thus, while in a French class it is common to have two children with the same name but very rare to have two children with the same name in

China is exactly the opposite – and even more common to have two or three children with the same name.

My Chinese name

My Chinese name (Photo credit: devan78)

Thus, it is easier to choose a French name first, and then create a Chinese name based on criteria that is taxed.

So back to Hugo!

Chinese porcelain statue of the Buddha, Guan Y...

Chinese porcelain statue of the Buddha, Guan Yin, from the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368 AD) of medieval China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Leafing through the book of names of boys, I opted for a half-dozen names delighting well, and have submitted to the sharp eyes of my lovely wife, which was immediately voted: for it would be Hugo! Easy to pronounce for French as for the Chinese, very pleasant to the meaning (of Germanic Hug, intelligence), this would be an excellent basis for seeking a name corresponding Chinese!

Does not decide because a French name but a couple of French and Chinese names, it was first necessary to establish its first Chinese before validating the choice Hugo. What Lina immediately began, leaving me the final validation torque names chosen.

Very quickly, Yuguo 宇 国 emerged as an excellent choice. Here are some explanations:
– 宇, Yu means the universe, time and space
– 国 Guo means country
– The key to the roof (top) of the character 宇, ​​Yu and key frame (the outer contour) of the character 国 Guo enhance the feeling of immense space, reconciliation between countries, giving the first one appearance substantially “grandiose”
– Yuguo 宇 国 is pronounced almost exactly like its French counterpart Hugo finally as his mother Lina 丽娜 to whom correspondence is even completely perfect.
– The main part is 于 宇, and that of Yu 国 is 玉, Yu also creating a significant rapprochement between the two parts of the name

If we add the name 袁 Yuan (Hugo named after her mother Chinese, his father French), we see that this character 土 includes land, to eat 口 and clothing 衣. This provides a concrete material content for large spaces of his name, and if we add the intellectual attributes provided by the French name and even spiritual by its French name, we see that Hugo is ready for all eventualities, and many equipped to face the 21st century.

Even if in the end the most important thing is that parents love the name, and that everyone gets out the vote!


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