Handan China

China is a paradise for planners in search of large areas to conquer.

Handan City, Hebei, China

Handan City, Hebei, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This truth may seem hollow thrust forward – it is not. We recently stayed at the lobby of the Planning Handan (邯郸 规划 馆) – exposure or planning of the city – to get an overview of past and future projects for the expansion of our beloved adopted city. The level of planning is instructive.

Handan has experienced several periods of development since the 50s. According to the plan 2000-2010, we have now entered in the plan 2010-2020. The photo below taken in the great hall of the exhibition shows a bird’s 3D Handan City as it will be in 2020.

Handan City, Hebei, China

Handan City, Hebei, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Any party to the right (east) to Hwy-axis TGV represented by the red line is currently COMPLETELY EMPTY. There is nothing, or rather: there are fields and villages. This is also what there taking the photo that adorns the header of this blog: it is the countryside around Handan. It is the same for the whole area to the north, and also for parts of the city center itself, where there are still some “villages in the city.”

The new axis of development for 2010-2020 is very clear: heading east! The schedule foresees a doubling of the population in 10 years to reach 2 million citizens starting from the current one million. 2000-2010 schedule included the passage of 500,000 to 1 million, which was done. In fact, the same area where we live now was not the plan 2000-2010 and was recently added as part of the “Great Revival in 3 years – 邯郸 三年 大 变样.” And what is the population, we can estimate that there is room for the department’s population which is Handan prefecture has 10 million inhabitants, the majority still rural. Urbanization is rampant, it is the least we can say.



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