Christmas in china ( handan)

December 23, even though we wondered how we would occupy our evening of the 24th. To receive a call from the local government (the equivalent of mayor + prefecture in France at our district), Lina and I inviting us to the Christmas party of the economic zone of Handan.

The address was in a restaurant “western”, but the meal was we can not Chinese. Very good, however, judge for yourself in this picture well stocked.

English: Tang Poem: Returning Home As An Unrec...

English: Tang Poem: Returning Home As An Unrecognized Old Man, Nantoyōsō Collection, Japan (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That said, it really was not going to eat … But to drink, as is usually the case in this kind of meeting. Or to be more precise, to establish and maintain contacts. What happens in China almost exclusively by a meal well watered. Red wine is more fashionable, it is so eating red and white. White by means of course rice wine (usually 52 °). It connects the toast one after the other, either red (glass bottom cul sec or more), white (small glass gulp), or mix the two moments, but it is still more rare – and it is not worse.
Present the borough mayor, vice-mayor, the directors of a number of offices, factories and patterns of economic zone – including our website. It is therefore to strengthen ties around a pretext; here, Christmas, and it was actually very nice!

Especially knowing that my wife was about to give birth, the local government has reserved many ways, including this beautiful teddy bear that will undoubtedly be 2 or 3 times bigger than the baby to come!

Magic shows, music, a cocktail experts who juggled his bottles, and a “laowai” poet, the evening was very busy!

Laowai the poet, of course it was me, because to make a good impression on me was “suggested” to recite a poem during the evening. But not to the banal, with (very) high with Lina, I could instead recite a poem written for the occasion, half an adaptation of the classic poem of Tang sauce ” French alone in Handan, “and the other half for the expression of happiness to be here. Here is the poem in question, Lina thank you again!


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