HSBC Shanghai

I must make articles about all this is quite a system for successful online transaction here. But today I write this post to dump my bile after an afternoon move to attempt the impossible: to use its online banking on a Mac. Because if I am to work on Windows, my home is rather reign with Apple computer Mac, iPhone and everything else.

English: Bank of China Headquarters, Beijing, ...

English: Bank of China Headquarters, Beijing, China 日本語: 中国銀行本社(中国・北京) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I do not take in more breath, the verdict here:
Unless you are an ultra geek ready to corrupt his machine in order to have the displeasure of his surfing online account (install a virtual machine, create a Windows partition on your Mac, …), for those who want to stay on means “light” is mission impossible.

But I’m seasoned: engineer in the web and used to “China, laowai life requires perseverance,” the hack and multiple tests that knows me.

Well, this time I came across a bone. Insoluble problem in some ways, that my mind can not accommodate troubleshooter. Impossible that would identify me on my Bank of China account from my Mac or iPhone.
I tried everything, but Bank of China was stronger than me: (

What makes it so difficult for us Mac users?

Image representing Apple as depicted in CrunchBase

Image via CrunchBase

Well Bank of China (like all or most of the other Chinese banks) require two things very restrictive to its users:

Online account access only from a browser based on Internet Explorer (IE itself, but Maxthon widespread in China)
install a small application before it “safe”. exe, ie that reads on Windows systems.
These two constraints are intended to provide more security. It is already very funny to read this because IE is probably the worst browser on that side. But mostly what we say lack of accessibility for customers of Bank of China! Mac is not negated by the opposite. Is China’s interest to promote Windows? Or is it just pure laziness and ignorance latent diversity navigation tools online? After all I heard was that Taobao now usable in Firefox, it is time that others follow the steps and they press the accelerator to the compatibility and accessibility as essential tools for all users!

There, I said it. I may be forgetting is that in China … But now, this type of lock, in our era, it makes me nuts!

I think it will come one day. I also had a glimmer of hope to discover that Bank of China released two iPhone applications “中行 掌上 行”. I am eager to try them, but I can not identify. Once past the menu and configuration settings …

Multiple attempts … and where I thought I was going crazy to force authentication credentials back 4 being very sure not to deceive me: I am indefinitely stuck on “Error identification. Please start your entry. ”

I tried all the settings imaginable. Without success.

Ready for anything, I even installed an old version of IE for Mac … in vain. Sure looked side extensions for Firefox and Google Chrome: blank.

Image representing Google Chrome as depicted i...

Image via CrunchBase

I even spent Geekette step: installing an application designed to make Windows compatible applications for Mac, only in software mode. Interesting concept and may be useful in the future. I still managed to install IE6 on my Mac with it, but once rendered on the page of the bank (through the back door, not yavait address bar! Must be resourceful in China I you say!), bah no way to display the login form.
For those interested, this app is an Open Source project: Wine.

Annoyed, discouraged, hopeless … I abandoned the challenge death in the soul, and had no other way to transfer my … that my feet and take my umbrella to brave the downpour and go the ATM …


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