Bank in shanghai, many problem online

Bank in China is probably my favorite subject when it comes to illustrate what life in China and can be frustrating lack

Standard Chartered Bank Tower (f.k.a. Lujiazui...

Standard Chartered Bank Tower (f.k.a. Lujiazui Development Tower) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Since my arrival in China, I have experienced different scenarios and also several institutions. Enough to say that there is no quick and easy solutions with any local bank. Perhaps foreign banks such HSBC or Standard Chartered offer better services. In any case I am Chinese sauce. I do not really have a choice because my salary is paid in China by a local company, not the choice of the bank (yes, that’s how here).

After the student who seeks to recover some money from France to discover the intricacies of the Chinese banking system with some vocabulary to make ends meet month after LIFE paid only in France must do the same thing but all the months backwards so it’s a nightmare, it is now the local employee who has any budget at hand, but who wants to go to the next level of mastery of the Chinese bank: I do not move anymore bank, I do everything online!

You say, already have the cash on themselves, it is impossible, it must necessarily pass to the distributor.
I answer: Nay! I found the trick: I recharge the phone line of my colleagues in the office, they give me the money in cash and the way I do some mao commission. If you master Taobao and online payment in China, I recommend it! From my side, I will almost never the ATM to have enough cash on me:]
So these days I go more towards my ultimate goal. My office is all good because I am equipped with the standard Windows XP with all browsers that need the necessary (and hated) Internet Explorer: the portal of online banking in China.

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