Jiao tong shanghai bus

Panyu District

Panyu District (Photo credit: geneva_wirth)

I already found some bus XuJiaHui or deposited in front of the entrance of Jiaotong University HuaShan Lu but we must recognize that it does is not very practical because the International building is located on the other side of campus near output Panyu Lu (also called by the taxi Fanyu Lu).

So the last two weeks I went mainly to university Taxi that my door at 655 Panyu read took 15-18 RMB taxi.
And earlier this week one tongxue French (who lives in addition to 50m from my house) I discovered that the 76 bus drops us miraculously 50m from the entrance to the Panyu Lu Crown Plaza and the can be taken to return to the entrance of 30m Jiaotong Panyu Lu and drop us an 8-minute walk from my house between the City Plaza Jing An Temple (Freshmart / metro line 2), and Jing An Plaza (Too Windows). Following a route that the bus has air conditioning or not cost us 1-2 RMB!

Xujiahui, Shanghai 2010

Xujiahui, Shanghai 2010 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That’s the economy!





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