Shangxiajiu shanghai

As promised, today a real article on Canton! And what more natural than a small note on one of the most famous features of Canton: the weird stuff you can eat:]

English: guangzhou guangdong shopping china 2011

English: guangzhou guangdong shopping china 2011 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So for today, a culinary discovery I made this week, 爽 鱼皮 (shuang yú pí) translation: it will read the article to know; P

It all started when Daisy, my colleague Cantonese shock, invites me Wednesday night on Skype with another colleague, Ben, a native of Qingdao, out tomorrow “eat something special” … So many mysteries, I did not resist this:)
Appointment was made​​: the day we meet at the subway station 长寿 路 (Chang Shou lu) towards the busy shopping street 上下九 (shàng xià jiǔ) atabler for us to ‘the best thing that prepares special all Canton ‘, dixit Daisy.

A greasy spoon outside, super nice by touffeurs Cantonese May through the fan and other covers subtly suspended. At the corner of the street, between two rows of old houses, the kind of place that if you do not know, do not you think. The card is very simple: 3 courses, including the famous special trick. Let’s go for 3! We wait our plastic stools. During this time, Daisy explains the history of the place. 50 years they would be there, and still re-named for ‘something special’. I also want to take a look at the tables around. Nothing really identifiable. In any case not something that looks like dog tails for example, so with a card 3 courses luck whatsoever that.

Qingdao. China. August 2009.

Qingdao. China. August 2009. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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