Communicate on internet in china

Another advantage of this study is to highlight the strong integration of these networks. Any phenomenon of Chinese Web is spreading millions of users in record time. Everything goes faster and stronger in China, so is the relay events Viral Web. And if there are those who have understood very well, these are the marks that organize and sponsored games on social networks, and launch viral campaigns, successful or not!
The bulk purchase: the Tuangou before Groupon

Logo of Groupon

Logo of Groupon (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

What constitutes the originality of the Chinese Internet company and in any case at least one form of innovation that has not been copied to the West, the concept of group buying, here called “Tuangou” 团 狗.

The formula of group buying to get better prices grew strongly to 2008: Finally it is the first time I’ve heard from my colleagues. I was a little hard to understand, moreover, it was the first time I heard it. Sure, at first it was offline, but it was quickly focused on the web.

So, no, I do not think Groupon has the scoop on the idea, perhaps to make the business model of the Internet, and it is still not sure. Still, here, today is really a popular way to buy. My colleagues reserve the badminton on Tuangou sites. The most famous of them being 拉手 网 I believe. Not surprising that this concept works very hard here, with such a dynamic social networks. Groupon from elsewhere to settle, it is not for nothing, but he has a hard time with all fierce competitors and seasoned it will encounter.

China goes to microblogging

Image representing Twitter as depicted in Crun...

Image via CrunchBase

One of the latest phenomena on the Internet dated social Sina Weibo is Chinese I mentioned above, and micro-blogging in general. Twitter The Chinese will soon have nothing to envy their American counterpart if not practiced self-censorship to successfully continue the reverse of the first attempts that had been closed.

The micro-blogging in particular allows to create a bridge between the world of the Web and of mobile content creation. And when you know the mobile penetration and its social role phenomenal in China, we can not be surprised adoption rate of micro-blogging in China.

Below against a graphic (a bit small, sorry) sent “kindly” by Digimind who believed surely solicit a company interested. It will at least here. It says that in just two years, Sina Weibo has already managed to gather 140 million members, and especially that grows faster than Twitter. Twitter still room for him to remain a world leader. But if one day he tries to venture into the Chinese market, the little blue bird might have to eat a few tweets and be shut up in a wave of red weibos.

Here anyway, Sina weibo is on all the languages ​​of the local ecosystem Web. I also see regular advertising for the social network on buses in Shanghai. Not sure twitter is there even in the United States.

The battle for Chinese market Internet so much fantasizing looks tough, and it certainly will not be for nothing. Companies, brands will quite naturally seek to take advantage. A monitor how the phenomenon will be repeated and changing practice here.


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