Use VPN in china is the key

Use social networks when you are abroad in China

But when you are a foreigner in China, unless his own profession either in the web or you really want to address the subject with a good background in Chinese, Chinese social networks repel us, passed the curiosity. Just because our friends to us, they are on each side of the border and bring some of the other social networks, it is mission impossible. So we move even when most of our time on non-Chinese networks, on which also our Chinese friends the most persistent and sometimes manage to open their way.

Yeah, I had my Kaixin by curiosity and to be in contact with Chinese friends who used it. But just as QQ, it took a while and I ended up deleting the account, for the sake of serving and refocus “my life online” we say.

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But to go on Facebook or Twitter from China, we must blame. In recent years, it is blocked 100% of the time by the famous Great Firewall, when it is blocked as previously sensitive periods for China. But today, as long as you work in conjunction with the West, that you exercise in the Web, or simply that you wanted to keep track of what happens to your loved ones in the country, it is almost unthinkable to happen completely all these tools. Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, or even just Google: How overseas in China do not use frequently one of these sites?
Why is it blocked?

The Great Firewall is like a giga Internet filter placed around the borders of China, and prevents users from China to browse foreign websites “sensitive” in the eyes of the Chinese government. Previously, it does not blocking the sites “bothersome” for the party. I will not list them here, not really want me to block or detect!

Yes but now, that was before, at the time of Web 1.0, when the content of each site was relatively slow edited by webmaster, the use of the Web was not so widespread.
Meanwhile, during the past 5 years, we live in the age of Web 2.0: Web increasingly edited by users, thus less controllable and having seen the emergence of ultra giga platforms popular in the world as Facebook, YouTube, etc …

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And the user, is expressed. Especially when something is good and must alert the others. The first effects were felt by China in 2008 during the events in Tibet. Since then, over Facebook, Youtube more, nothing … Any site basically UGC (User Generated Content = the content is created by users of the website and not only by its webmaster) beyond the control of the party is blocked understand networks social outside China.
The solution

So how do we do: the most common is through a VPN, which would just dig a tunnel under the wall with knowledge of places where you can quiet out on the other side. It requires good equipment and an accomplice who has prepared the ground for you, otherwise you are doomed to butter in the wall.

For a long time I used proxies or Freegate (small local software similar to it), but it is highly unstable, and when to find the right IP for 15 minutes each time before you ride alone or middle of a session, it quickly becomes tiring … blocker. To an extent that I ended up dropping Facebook was a time.

And then one day … I found Astrill (This note is not sponsored!). It cost me a few USD per month, but I can say that I found life on the web with this tool, which makes me more default for at least 18 less. I recommend so highly. It changes the life and approach to daily internet session, and in addition it works on iPhoneđŸ˜‰


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